I'm Not a Complete Loser...

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What is it about wine tastings that makes them so great? Is it the thrill of trying new things, the pounding headache that painfully follows the next morning, or is it the chance to win a case of FREE wine that causes us to willingly volunteer to destroy our livers on a consistent basis?

Despite the fact that I didn't win any free wine, last night's tasting was no exception. Aside from a wicked hangover that could only be induced by torturing my palate with over 24 different value wines, I woke up this morning to be greeted by another thankfully not so painful reminder of the night's fun. Apparently, I didn't come home empty handed. After all, I came home with a cool cork Christmas tree (shown above)... a festive reminder that I wasn't a complete loser!

You may be wondering which wines won... While my choice of red stole the show, it was none other than the big blue bottle of Peter Brum kerosene (otherwise known as Riesling) that was awarded the most points and the grand prize. I'll post pics and the full list of losers on the WWCrew site as soon as I recover.

In the meantime, what did you drink this weekend? Did it leave you with a nasty reminder of your debauchery the next day?


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Rachele said...

I've been working all weekend but tonight I think I may just crack open the Clos Du Bois. Sorry about the hangover...not really:). I'm digging the cork tree. Looks like a great Christmas break project for the kids. Is it wrong to let the kids do crafts with corks?

The Wine Whore said...

I don't blame you for wanting to open it.. it sounds like you have had one heck of a week!

As long as they aren't helping to empty the bottles, I don't see anything wrong with letting the kids make stuff with corks. :)


Jamie Irving said...

Sounds like a good night.

We had one too many bottles of Cotes du Rhone Village for my leaving party on Friday night, and a nice d'Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz ahead of starting the new job tomorrow!

The Wine Whore said...

Even though I didn't win, it was fun!

Good luck with the new job! With wine choices like that, you make me want to change jobs too! :)


Veronique Deblois said...

Much like Jamie Irving, who posted earlier, I enjoyed a d'Arenburg Dead Arm Shiraz. Really a must try Randy. Reviewed it last week.

The Wine Whore said...

I've heard many good things about the Shiraz... I'll have to give it a shot! Wait a minute, actually, I think I heard about it last from your review. Bet you thought I wasn't paying attention! :)


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