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As I lurk around the dark and often polluted alleys of twitter and Facebook, I get asked a lot of questions. I have no idea what gives people the impression, but they seem to think I actually know something about wine. I am a wine whore, not a wine snob. Aside from the fact that I just love to drink the stuff, I am no expert. Oddly enough, the more I tell people this, the more they come to me with their questions. So many that I figured I would invite people to post their questions here (using the comment section below) so that other inquiring minds (and livers) can gawk at my poorly formed responses.

So what do you want to know? As long as you start your comment with "Dear Wine Whore", I'll make sure to give my best (and whorish) response!


(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Wine Whore,

What's your favorite bottle of wine?

The Wine Whore said...

Hello Anonymous,

Great question... people often ask me which bottle of wine is my favorite. As much as I wish I had one "go to" bottle, it's just not that simple. I used to have a sweet tooth for Cakebread Cabernet, but I've found that after drinking different types of wine, I've found that I have certain favorites in other varietals as well. I guess a better question would be "what your favorite Cab?" or "what's your favorite Pinot Noir?"


savage said...

Ok, so along those lines -

What's your favorite Chilean winemaker?

The Wine Whore said...

Hello savage,

I have to admit that I haven't spent much time discovering Chilean wine. I tried a few value wines from the Central Valley that were made by Asunto de Vino that weren't too bad but I think the best Chilean wines that I have had so far were from Veramonte. Their Primus blend is pretty cool and even their Pinot Noir wasn't half bad. I'm sure there are other, smaller Chilean wineries out there to be enjoyed... this particular one has just been the best one that I have tried.

Is there one you recommend?


Anonymous said...

Your name (alias, or whatever you want to call it), Wine Whore, really sucks. Are you an idiot?

OneGreatSmile said...

Touch�, Randy! Anyone who wastes time posting negative comments (I'd hardly call that a question) is the one who's not fully corked (to use a wine pun). Keep up the good slurp!

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Thank you for the support! :)

Joeshico said...

Great answer to "anonymous"
BTW I think the name "anonymous" sucks. Also shows little character and no balls. Sorry about the no balls, she is probably a young girl and that tag would not be proper.

Rachele said...

I think "anonymous" sucks as a name, lol. Why do people post negative stuff without the balls to back it. Criticism is fine, and I'll get to mine in a moment, but let's know the source.

Okay. yes. you tell it like it is, but little by little I think you are becomming a wine snob. Maybe snob is the wrong word. It's not meant as a negative, but I've noticed over time that your taste in wine has matured and you are continuosly finding more wines with higher price tags. I'm sure they are fabulous and deserve all the props you give them, I am just saddened that I will no longer be able to afford drinking with you. Even if I wanted to, it would totally ruin my image;)

Rachele said...

Oh Yeah. I can't be the only one who came across your site (gosh, it was about 10 months ago?)and thought, "This is genious. He's saying what he is and why he's here and taking a chance that the wineries will respond." I was eager to see if it worked out like I thought it would. It surpassed MY expectations.

Tom Johnson said...

I think a discussion of whether you are an idiot misunderstands the nature of both idiocy and blogging.

Idiocy is not binary; one is not either an idiot or not an idiot. Idiocy is instead a quantum function; we're all idiots occasionally, and whether one is perceived as generally an idiot is determined by relative accumulation of idiotic incidents and the scale of those incidents.

Thus a person who is an idiot, say, five times a day in utterly insignificant ways (toe stubbing, forgetting children's names, taking up two parking spots, etc.) is less of an idiot than someone who is an idiot once a month in big ways (accidentally driving a car through a hotel lobby, inadvertently invading a foreign country, mixing Chateau Petrus with Coke, etc.).

As a wine blogger, the frequency of your idiocy is nearly irrelevant as the scale of your idiocy is so small. You could be an idiot nearly 100% of the time and the consequences of that idiocy would be almost nothing, with the possible exception that your readership would grow.

That comforts me, in my own blogging, and I think it should comfort you, too. Utter insignificance is liberating.

Kate said...

Becoming a wine snob is all in attitude, and Randy, from what I read, you don't have that attitude.

Drinking more expensive wines does not constitute a wine snob in my book (and I may be wrong). Being rude to a party host because their wines may be "sub-standard", criticizing other people's choices (NOT in fun and jest), and looking down upon those who don't have the nose or palate to taste the differences that you can - that is a wine snob.

That being said, as I have gotten more into wine and tasting, my budget per bottle has risen slightly. And now that I'm unemployed, its going to have to go back down.

The same could be relatively said with cars, clothes, shoes, meat, flying first class, etc. Once you have a taste or feel of the "next step up", you try to have that next step up as much as possible.

As for "anon" - whatever. I probably would call myself a wine whore if I had the opportunity. ;)

Keep on drinking.

And actually, I have a question - what do you think of the Wine Spectator Top 100? They released a bit early for people...

The Wine Whore said...

Tom, you have utterly confused me but I love it!

Kate - Thank you! I really hope I haven't come across as a total snob. The people who strike me as snobs are those who buy an expensive bottle of wine just to show off. It's one thing if you are celebrating an occasion or just want to treat yourself to something new... but when you believe that you HAVE to spend a fortune in order to find something that you can drink, you clearly have a problem.

Times are tough right now and I think it would be a waste to spend a ton of money on wine. Save those bottles for occasions and pair the everyday with bottles that you can enjoy and easily afford... in the end, you'll be happier that way! :)

While I do subscribe to WS, I don't get the online edition so I haven't actually seen any of the wines that were announced early. That being said, I take WS and their recs with a grain of salt. Sure, sometimes they hit the nail on the head, but I often find that I disagree with some of their suggestions. With something as subjective as wine, this is to be expected. Because of this, I approach the reviews and ratings of WS, Robert Parker, or even the fellow wine blogger in the same manner: I read, I take note, and then I try for myself. That way, even if I disagree with the reviewer, I can understand why my palate is different and why another person may or may not enjoy the wine.

Thank you so much for the comments, feedback, and compliments! It really is greatly appreciated!


Kate said...

Totally agree about WS and other reviewer and points, etc. I don't always agree, but find them utterly fascinating to read. I can't help but soak it up.

Like the #1 wine this year - 2005 Columbia Crest Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley Reserve. At a listed price of $27 (you know you can find it much much cheaper), i'm definitely going to check it out, especially since I love their riesling.

Now I wondered, did they go with a relatively less expensive wine this year, because of the economy? Hmmm.....

The Wine Whore said...

I think that's exactly why they went with a relatively less expensive wine this year! In fact, I think they even mention on their site something about how this year's top 100 will reflect more value wines.

I have to be honest, this year's issues of WS have become a little repetitive for me. Don't get me wrong, I still really love reading their wine notes and reviews but it just seems like every issue revolves heavily around value wine.

I acknowledge that finding quality value wines is important to a lot of consumers right now but I feel like they swung the pendulum too far in this direction in response to market demands. I also got frustrated with them after trying a few of their suggestions and wondering to myself "this is what they were raving about?"

That being said, I do have some value recommendations that I do enjoy but I just fear that in this type of price bracket, the decision on whether or not a wine is a good value often comes down more to personal taste than quality... and that can make it very tricky to make suggestions as to what other people will enjoy.


Rachel said...

Dear Wine Whore,

I am hesitant about asking you this because I don't want to emphasize my inadequacies. Your self description of "wine whore" not "wine expert" makes you more approachable however. I recently drank Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 and found it horrific. I was shocked to see others praise the depth of its flavor and even more shocked to see it won an award. I feel like nerd who didn't get the joke. Should I switch to soda?


P.S. Here's the background if it helps with your decision: http://www.locodiner.com/2009/11/excelsior-cabernet-sauvignon-2007.html

Richard Auffrey said...

Dear Wine Whore:
What do you most want to learn about wine?

The Wine Whore said...

Dear Richard,

Your question is simple yet awesome! I just want to learn how to love it more every day. :) That's it!


savage said...

Hey Mr. WW,

So to your question (sorry for the delay) about MY favorite Chileans, I have to lead you to the Santa Carolina Carmenere and Sauvignon Blanc. Absolutely fantastic wines around $10 or less. I do love the Primus blends (they are interesting in the same vein as the Menage a Trois blends). My other favorite from Chile is the Vino Chocolan line, particularly their Rose, which is incredible. Definitely worth searching far and wide for.


The Wine Whore said...

Hello Savage,

I've taken notes and I am now ready to go WINE SHOPPING! :)

P.S. - I like the analogy of Primus to Menage a Trois... for some reason, I never thought of connecting the two, but it makes complete sense.


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