Conquering California Chardonnay

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This week you chose a wine that helped me conquer the stereotypes behind a typical California Chardonnay. Watch this episode of TWWTV to find out what makes this Chard so different:

Keller Estate Sonoma Coast Oro De Plata Chardonnay 2007 (~$26)

Harvest Date Sep 29th � Oct 24th, 2007
Clones Clone 4, Old Wente
Bottling Date Feb 26th � 29th, 2008
Production 2425 cases
Alcohol by Vol. 14.20%
Total Acidity 0.61g/L
pH 3.52

Make sure to vote for your favorite bottle to be featured in next week's episode of TWWTV. You can find this and a searchable list of all of my other affairs by here.


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tampawinewoman said...

Is it just me, or did these used to be on Thursday nights?

The Wine Whore said...

Nope, you are absolutely correct!

I've got an important announcement to make about the show but it will soon resume on Thursdays. I did this video as a short post about this particular bottle.

TWWTV will be coming back very soon and it will be better than ever!


michele said...

ok thanks for not giving me your take on what flavors you got out of the wine...loved learning about the wine itself...great review, keep it up!!

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! No problem! Did I fake you out at first? :)

I'll keep 'em coming!


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