Black Friday Hangover

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It's almost 1:30pm and I am still in bed. No, it's not because of a bad hangover... instead, I blame the copious amounts of turkey, cranberry, and stuffing that I stuffed down my esophagus. But what about the wine? Yesterday, I shared the Napa Valley story behind last night's bottle but now it's time to tell you how it tasted.

My Notes:
After trying other unoaked Chards, I've come to love the taste of the unmolested Chardonnay grape. This turkey day bottle was tasty but does not rank among my favorite bottles of Chardonnay. Although it was packed with apple and tart fruit, it also had too much oak for my tastes. How'd it go with the turkey? Not bad, but I think a light red (i.e. Pinot or Rose) would have gone better. Did I enjoy it? ABSOFREAKINLUTELY! Last night wasn't about wine, it was about celebrating the holiday with family and being thankful for what we have. Enjoying this bottle of wine and the sentimental value attached to it, as well as eating WAY too much food, made for a Thanksgiving holiday I will never forget!

Sheila's (my wife) Notes:
This is the ONLY Chardonnay I've ever been able to drink more than two glasses of. It wasn't "sharp"... instead it was smooth with a little bit of smokiness to it. I really enjoyed it and it went PERFECTLY with Thanksgiving dinner.

So there you have it! How did your Thanksgiving wine treat you? Would you pick something else next year?


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