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Despite the fact that I should have been getting ready for my trip, I took a break last night. Meeting up in Orlando with two fellow wine bloggers made for a perfect pre-vacation pastime. In attendance: Frank Morgan from DrinkWhatYouLike, Brian Kirby from The Other 46, and a great selection of wines by the taste, glass, or bottle compliments of the Wine Room.

We tasted two bottles: a French white and a California Pinot Noir:

First Bottle:

Domaine Hippolyte Reverdy Sancerre 2007
Price - $23/bottle

This wine reminded me of playing tackle football as a child. Fond memories of a face full of grass and dirt after getting pummeled came flooding into my senses. Much like these childhood days of play, this wine taught me a valuable lesson: don't drink your whites too chilled. The true personality doesn't come out unless you melt the icicles from which it is hiding behind. In this bottle's case, it should have kept hiding. I felt compelled to finish my affair despite the fact that I found my mate unattractive, boring, and abrasive.

Second Bottle:

Belle Glos Santa Barbara Pinot Noir 2007
Price - $50/bottle

This Pinot packed a fragrantly fruity punch but tasted more like a train wreck. Unbalanced acidity and alcohol painfully fought for my taste buds until the last drop was decimated. This Pinot had great potential but needed a serious time-out in a decanter before even thinking about hanging around in my glass. With its relatively high pricetag, I felt slightly used when it came to this affair.

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Frank said...

Hey man, it was good to catch up with you guys last night. I wish we had a Wine Room in Virginia Beach. Have a great trip to France and please don't spend too much on my 'fellow wine blogger souvenir bottle of wine.' Anything over $250 would be excessive. ;) Seriously, have a great trip - look forward to reading your updates from there.

The Wine Whore said...

Hello Frank!

I had a really great time too! We'll have to get together soon after I get back so we can taste what I bring back... I'll be looking forward to it!


Brian said...

Had a great time guys and look forward to making this a regular tweet up! Enjoy France and lots of good juice!

Safe travels to you both!


The Wine Whore said...

Hello Brian!

That sounds like a great plan! Anytime you want to head over there for some drinks, please let me know. Also, if you ever want to tear up the town in Tampa, let me know!


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