Two Stops and Twelve Hours Away

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It's finally time... My trip is about to begin!

I'll be boarding a plane to head to none other than Minneapolis, Minnesota for a quick layover before heading to the canal city of Amsterdam. Unfortunately, there's no internet available in the air. That means no twitter, facebook, email, or other computer crack to keep me busy over the next 24 hours. The shakes from i-withdrawal are already starting.

My first day will be excitingly packed with jet-lagged fun. I'll be landing in Amsterdam at around noon local time. This will be six hours ahead of my usual Eastern time zone but with any luck (and the help of copious amounts of Unisom, alcohol, and ear plugs) I'll sleep through this overnight flight.

Although I'll be plotting most of my first day in the Dam while flying through the air, some stops have already been determined. Once I hit the ground, I plan to hit some sights (and maybe even a coffee shop or two) before heading to the Blue Pepper to dine at only one of nine tables for an amazing eight course meal.

If I am sober enough to work a keyboard, I'll make sure to post pics, videos, and whatever else I collect from my first day of travels... Stay tuned!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Wine Mark said...

Randy, have a safe trip. I know you will have fun!

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