This Is Not What I Expected!

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So far, things are not going well...

My departure started on a good foot. I was packed and ready to go at the airport three hours prior so there would be no way I could miss my flight. Finally the time came to board the plane... it would only be a matter of hours before I would land in Amsterdam. Little did I know that NWA/Delta had different plans.

I started to get concerned once I realized that I was sitting on the plane past the takeoff time. My fears were confrmed by the captain announcing "maintenance issues". 15 minutes turned into an hour and before I knew it, I had already missed my conecting flight to Amsterdam. With no other connecting flights availble until the next day, my only choice was to proceed to the wonderful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not quite what I had in mind.

Although I should be halfway to Amsterdam right now, I am writing this as I sit in my room at the Holiday Inn in Minneapolis. Pissed off, tired, and worm out from a day of hanging around at the airport... I'll wake up tomorrow and give this trip a second shot... please hope that nothing else going wrong or else I fear I'll never get out of the US.

Any guesses on where the next screw up will take me? How about Arizona!

Hopefully my next post will be from Amsterdam... stay tuned!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Rachele said...

Sorry! It sucks when you get so excited to get somewhere only to be delayed. Hope you get there soon and have a wonderful time.

Teresa said...

OH!! Awful! We'll just hope this means you got all the bad stuff out of the way in the beginning.

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD said...

Bummer, Randy. Did they have any good local wineries in Minneapolis?

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