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Despite the fact that I am still weary about drinking Pinot Noir, I am feeling pretty good today. Not only is the end of the week upon us, but I have some great news to announce very soon. Before I do that, I must share the intimate details about last night's affair.

I have always had a fear of heights. Even a mere couple of feet off of the ground is more than I wish to enjoy. Ladders, balconies, and even escalators used to make me shake. That all changed when I was a teenager and started working as a stock boy at Walgreens. Outside of the store was one of those gigantic signs towering hundreds of feet in the air. Ok, it was more like 20 feet, but that's not the point. Every week, one lucky stock boy was awarded the opportunity to scale this monster to change out the message of the week. For most of the stock boys, this was an unpleasant task due to the sweltering Florida heat. For me, this hatred was intensified by my fear of heights. The first time I did it, I was not happy. My reward for a job well done: the opportunity to do it EVERY week for the next three months. Lucky me! Despite the fact that I was made to perform this task against my will, I actually gained something valuable. By facing my fear, I quickly lost my fear of heights. I was finally cured!

What does all of this have to do about wine?

In an attempt to conquer my paranoia about Pinot Noir, I held back my fears and tasted two bottles from my cellar. In the end, I still have my apprehensions about this grape but I did learn a lot about my fears. Although I still haven't found what I consider to be my ideal tasting bottle, I figured out exactly which characteristics I am looking for. One day this knowledge will bring me closer to finding it.

La Rochelle Monterey Pinot Noir 2006 ~$24/bottle
This Pinot packed a lot of structure but lacked that sweet cola taste I crave. A bit hot and offensive when first opened, but calmed down after some air and patience on my part. Not bad for $24 a bottle but not a bottle I would personally choose to take on a second date.

Cuvaison Block Carneros F5 Pinot Noir 2006 ~$45/bottle
This Pinot was loaded with structure, character, and fruit. This bottle also needed a bit of decanting but opened up into a dry wine with nice tannins after about an hour. For the style of Pinot Noir, this one was made very well. Besides the difference of $20, there was also a noticeable difference in quality between the two wines. This wine had a much nicer finish that seemed to never give up. I also enjoyed the balance and character of this wine much more than the first bottle. Neither wine however had that round cola taste I was hoping for. My search continues...

In case you missed the tasting, here's the re-run. You can click the dots on the playbar in the video to fast forward to the clips of each wine:

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Frank said...

First - Cuvaison rocks! had the chance to visit during WBC09. Their pinot is excellent.
Second - We are going to break that weariness of Pinot on Thursday in Orlando. (I guess that stellar Domaine Serene cola Pinot that I selected during our tasting a few weeks ago didn't have a big impact ;-).
The first round of Pinot next week is on me!
See you then.

The Wine Whore said...

Hello Frank!

I am really looking forward to this Thursday! It will be great to see you both and share a nice bottle (or three) of wine. I actually really did like the Domaine Serene from the other week but I think the crappy Cab that I picked destroyed my palate before I could get a chance to enjoy the Pinot.

I'm charging up my new Flip as I type... see you Thursday! :)


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