Pondering While Packing

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While getting ready for my European trip two questions are running through my mind:

Which wine goes well with packing?

Is there a good wine bar at any of my airport layovers?

I'll be flying overseas tomorrow but come back every day next week for pics, videos, and other fun tidbits from my overseas journey!


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Teresa said...

Based on our last trip to France--it's cheaper to pay to have the wine shipped back to the States than it is to bring it back in your suitcase. The new weight restrictions on luggage will cost you a fortune if you have bottles of wine in your suitcase. Trust me...we learned the hard way. Enjoy your trip! Bon Voyage.

The Wine Whore said...

Hello Teresa!

I think you are absolutely correct on this one! I did a little research and shipping the wine is probably my best bet. Honestly, I am going into this unsure of how much I will be bringing back. I've heard that a lot of the French wine is actually more expensive in France... only one way to find out. I doubt I'll come home empty handed!


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