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(left photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)

    On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 8:24 AM, Gary Vaynerchuk wrote:
    hahah :) def man, lets do this email me oct 25th and we will nail down details for nov!

    Gary Vaynerchuk

For several months, everyone has been asking about it. The moment is now upon us...

It's time!

You may remember my challenge to wine lover and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk... well, it is now time to set a date for the long awaited Whore-Off. With a Hollywood production company lined up, the logistics worked out, and tons of people anxiously awaiting, there's only one question left:

Are you ready Gary?

You can't avoid this challenge. Too many people have been waiting for this moment. Let's give the people what they want and most importantly, let's drink some wine!

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Ian E said...

Haha, this is awesome stuff! I think it will be epic!

Ian E

The Wine Whore said...

Thank you!

I think "epic" is going to be an understatement! :)


vinosseur said...

Can't wait to see you two whores battle it out! For the love of wine!!

The Wine Whore said...

Oh, it's going to be about as messy as two sumo wrestlers fighting in a pile of chocolate pudding!

Get ready for some action!

Rachele said...

I need to know where this is going to be. Have you nailed down a location yet? It better be broadcasted. You're not really giving us enough time to make travel AND babysitting arrangements.

Kevin said...

Godzilla vs King Kong...Rumble in the Jungle...Superman vs Batman...they will all fall asunder...this...will...be...e.p.i.c

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