The Proof is in the Bottle

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This week I cracked into my white wine supply to prove an important point.

Men DO drink white wine!

To prove my point and help rally support for my petition, I sacrificed myself in the name of wine. I know, it�s rough, but all part of the job. To celebrate my manly decision to down white wine, this week's episode of TWWTV featured two Sauvigonon Blancs: Chalk Hill Estate, and Clos LaChance.

The result: not only was I completely comfortable in my masculinity, I also broke somewhat of a bad luck streak I have been having lately. As luck would have it, both of the wines turned out tasty. So delicious, in fact, that I completely emptied both bottles before retiring for the evening. It was a great night!

How I would compare the two bottles from last night�s affair?

There was a noticeable difference in character between the $10 bottle from Clos LaChance and the $33 bottle from Chalk Hill Estate. The later had a depth in grassy fragrance and finish that was quite impressive and earning of the relatively high price tag. This was one of those affairs that I would wake up and tell my friends about the next day.

Let me also go on the record as saying that the $10 bottle from Clos LaChance did not disappoint!

While it lacked some of the depth of its Chalk Hill counterpart, it had a round and sweet taste that made it enjoyable to drink. Not only was it not offensive, but I would admit that I think it was a great buy especially for only $10. This wine would have been an excellent choice for my discussion with Lynn Kessel about "Wine that doesn't have to break the bank". Despite the fact that I had a slight headache, I didn�t feel cheap, used, or dirty at all after this encounter.

So there you have it!

In case you missed it, here's the video from last night's interactive tasting:

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Shelly said...

Some sacrifice. I hope you had help with the two bottles or I feel VERY sorry for you today.

I'll have to catch up on the whole show as I missed parts due to kid/homework issues.


The Wine Whore said...

Hello Shelly!

It's rough! I have to admit that I DID have some help finishing the two bottles. Today is still a little rough though... mostly just tired and looking forward to another weekend.


Tim Cohen said...

There is no stigma down here in Australia when it comes to drinking white, but there is an issue I see with what type of white with what dish.
Being trained in Freance over ten years ago and following the mantra I guess that wine should be consumed with food, I would always think that anything but Sauvignon, whites that is, would be a good foil for fish, chicken, pork and sheelfish dishes.
Here in Australia we have have had a fascination with Kiwi (NZ) Sauvignon Blanc, with this variety having a whopping 33% share in our wine market. Winemakers here are steering away from oaky, buttery Chardonnays which are still found in NZ and California, and going down the way of the Burgundy style of acid, citrus, almond meal and liquorice powder - thank god for that I say.

All the best


The Wine Whore said...

Hello Tim,

I wish it was more like that here in the States. Also very interesting about the Kiwi SB?! How does that taste? I'll have to get my hands on this juice to see for myself.

While I do like a nice buttery Chard from time to time, I think I enjoy the Burgundy style much more. How long until CA and NZ follow this trend?


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