The Innocence Behind the Whiney

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Despite the fact that I enjoy the freedom of being an adult, I sometimes miss the innocence of being a little kid. I miss how even the smallest things felt like the biggest rewards. I am disappointed at how this innocence is often overlooked as we get older. We get so wrapped up in life that we forget to put things into the right perspective. To preserve this innocent pleasure, I try to remind myself to take time to notice the little things that used to seem so awesome.

Just thinking about it, brings me back...

I remember how much fun I used to have as a kid going on Easter egg hunts. We would all scamper around looking for painted eggs as if each one had a million dollars hidden inside. What would it be like if as adults we could go on an Easter egg hunt?

I get a lot of great ideas while thinking about happy memories. This particular childhood memory served as the inspiration behind the scavenger hunt that I announced a couple of weeks ago. The hunt was comprised of a list of questions. To win, participants scurried around the internet looking for answers to as many of the questions as they could find.

The participants in the scavenger hunt weren't the only ones to learn a thing or two.

During the process of putting together the scavenger hunt, I learned something very important. By bringing together bloggers and other wine related folks, I learned that there are a lot of really awesome people in the wine/food community.

To all of you who were included and who joined in, I'd like to give a warm thank you!

... So now that you know the story behind the scavenger hunt, you are probably wondering who won the honor of taking home the coveted Whiney. The second question impatiently tapping its foot in your head: What the heck is a Whiney anyways?

I am actually really surprised at how few people questioned this award when the contest was first announced. Although this is only the first year I am hosting this event, I hope it will live on and evolve for many more years but one thing will never change. The winner will always receive the coveted Whiney award.

But what is it?

There is a good story behind the Whiney but before I get into that, here are the answers to the scavenger hunt clues:

1) Which wine produced at Gaspereau Vineyards absolutely tantalizes your tastebuds and we nicknamed it �Dangerously Drinkable�? http://www.gaspereauwine.com

  • Seyval Blanc 2008

2) Receiving 90 points in the 2007 California State Fair Wine Competition, what beverage was served with a Scallop entree? http://www.wineatfive.net
  • Barefoot Bubbly Extra Dry Champagne

3)What two instruments does Joe from 1winedude.com play? http://www.1winedude.com
  • bass guitar and digeridoo

4) What year was the fire on Mare Island in Vallejo, CA that destroyed 1,100 cases of Rominger West�s 2004 vintage Chardonnay and Syrah? http://www.romingerwest.com
  • October 2005

5) What wine did Gary Erickson of Clif Family winery want Sarah Gott to model The Climber Red wine after? http://www.winetonite.com
  • Orin Swift�s The Prisoner

6) What wine goes well with BBQ? http://www.whineaux.com
  • Rock Gate Merlot

7) Brianonwine wrote aebout a win under the label of an NFL legend before actually tasting the wine. Name the NFL legend, the article of clothing specified in the posting and the year and win/loss record to which he compared the wine. http://brianonwine.blogspot.com
  • Mike Ditka, William Perry's jockstrap, Chicago Bears 1969 1-13 season.

8)What are the principal white grapes in the Loire Valley, France? http://www.vinosseur.com
  • Melon de Bourgogne, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc

9) What was the first Florida wine to be reviewed by ecoastwines.com. http://www.ecoastwines.com
  • Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards Cuvee Blanc

10) Which winery does Wannabe Wino credit with her love of red wine? http://www.wannabewino.com
  • David Coffaro

11) Which book chronicles a wine writers travels through the some worlds most extreme wine territories including Algeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania? http://www.DrinkWhatYouLike.com
  • Africa Uncorked - Travels in Extreme Wine Territory

12) What region of France, considered 'The Cradle of French Rose,' only produces Rose wines? http://www.DrinkWhatYouLike.com
  • Tavel

13) What's the most expensive wine that's ever been reviewed on http://wineweek.com.au? http://wineweek.com.au
  • The All Saints Museum Muscat (Au $1,000)

14) Where did Melinda do her sake-making internship? http://tokyodrinkingglass.blogspot.com
  • Daimon Shuzo

15) What's brown and white and greedy all over? http://tokyodrinkingglass.blogspot.com
  • Misha

16) What author does Melinda dream of meeting? http://tokyodrinkingglass.blogspot.com
  • David Sedaris

17) What California winery's 2004 Merlot boasted that the "ripe cherry, mocha, chocolate and spice aromas" would make Ben and Jerry eat their hearts out? http://www.3blindmoose.com
  • 3 Blind Moose Cellars

18) Table Scraps author Lynn Kessel cubes, freezes, then tosses what favorite summer fruit into a glass of white wine? http://www.lynnkessel.blogspot.com
  • Watermelon

19) On what date did the the westcoastwino review the Prime Cellars 2005 Napa Cabernet? http://www.westcoastwino.com
  • Thursday, May 21, 2009

20) While drinking which wine might you find cattle grazing at the home of a French Baron? http://www.anotherwineblog.com
  • Vina Los Vascos SB

21) How do Mark and Sonia choose where to go for their intercontinental absurdities? http://www.pulpology.com
  • They started off with the darts-on-a-map approach, which didn't really narrow things down all that much because there are only a small handful of places on the planet they didn't want to visit. From there they started looking at weather factors, which changed a few times as their game plan changed. Budget played a small part; they've always wanted to visit Italy but now is just not the time to go to Europe if you want to stretch your US dollars.

22) What year did the Sobon family make the decision to start farming sustainably? http://www.sobonwine.com
  • 1989

23) How many publications does wine.com use to collect ratings on wine? http://www.wine.com
  • 8

24) According to the Passionate Foodie, what is one of the best stops in Portland for wine lovers and foodies? http://passionatefoodie.blogspot.com
  • The Browne Trading Gourmet Market

25) According to Evan Dawson, when you meet Heron Hill's winemaker, what name should you not make the mistake of calling him? http://www.lenndevours.com
  • Tom

We are all out of time for today�s session. Tomorrow, I'll announce the winner of the Scavenger Hunt and answer the burning question: What the heck is a Whiney?

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Shelly said...

What is that crazy answer in #2?

Look forward to finding out what a whiney is. Hey, aren't you and Joe tasting together tonight? Can't wait to hear how that goes.


The Wine Whore said...

What's wrong with answer #2? You don't like Barefoot Bubbly? :P

Joe surprised me by sending me a sample from Heron Hill. Should be a lot of fun... I am really excited about it! I'll make sure to post all about it!

Have you found your pick from Thursday's tasting? I am anxious to hear what you chose!


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