One Night Standout

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After many affairs, you become desensitized...

As a Wine Whore, I am most attracted to those clients with unique characteristics. This tendency reminds me of something I learned in school. I had a teacher who would relate the quality of a movie to my personal favorite McDonald's staple: The Big Mac. His theory was that most movies were like Big Macs. You find yourself craving it and wanting to enjoy it. You make your way to the counter, pay the fee, and quickly gobble it down. You may even be satisfied with your meal when it is gone. The next day, however like a one night stand, you forget all about your encounter. Your memory of the event is indistinguishable from any other Big Mac you ever enjoyed and inevitably, you move on with your life forgetting that the event ever even happened.

To sum up this theory in a word: forgettable.

That's the theory of the Big Mac. The things in life that are superior are not easily forgotten.

Although you won't find any sesame seeds, pickle, or cheese, the theory of the Big Mac also applies to wine. Many bottles are forgettable. The packaging is mundane, the taste is mediocre, and the experience is quickly forgotten. The only lingering memory is the painful hangover that follows the next morning. Aside from that, your life is unchanged and your palate moves on.

Yesterday, something unusual happened. In typical wine whore fashion, a client showed up at my doorstep wrapped in a flat brown box weighing about 16 pounds:

Yes, math skills time again, that's 4 bottles of vino that came a knockin'! But what's so different about this? Well, what seduced my palate were the contents that lay peacefully inside the brown shipping container. These four bottles were clearly hand picked for a whore like myself:

Despite the fact that these bottles are value priced like a Big Mac, selling for only $12 a bottle, there was one feature that stood out. Two of the four bottles are named Monogamy and the other two are called promisQous.

Which one should I choose?

The Wine Whore in me goes for the promisQous but the sensitive wine lover in me is attracted to Monogamy. I obviously have no choice but to try all four of 'em to see if this one night stand stands out from amongst the rest:

  • promisQous California Pinot Grigio
  • promisQous California red table wine
  • Monogamy North Coast California Chardonnay 2007
  • Monogamy North Coast California Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

How would you describe your love for wine? Are you promiscuous or are you monogamous about your vino? I'd like to invite you to watch my affair with these four bottles and share your love for wine:

Click the TWWTV logo above to join me this Thursday @ 7:30pm ET as I put the Big Mac theory to the test. Don't be shy and most importantly, don't come empty handed. Find a bottle of wine that either stands out or describes your personality with its name, label, region, vintage, or grape and bring it to this Thursday's affair... I�ll see you there!

We are all out of time for today�s session. Tomorrow, I'll talk about something something very embarrassing for me to admit. In the meantime, tell me what stands out to you in the bottle of wine that you are going to bring to this Thursday's tasting by clicking here and sharing the story behind your pick.

(This message brought to you by The Wine Whore)

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Joan said...

Guess I'm monogamous in that I drink alone... husband isn't into wine. But very promiscuous with my wine FB friends. ;)

The Wine Whore said...

Well anytime you want to have an affair with wine, I am here for you Joan!

Which type of wine do you like to enjoy when you are feelin' a little promiscuous?


MeesheePhoto said...

When it comes to wine, I believe in polygamy!

The Wine Whore said...

Well said MeesheePhoto!

What would be your ultimate wine affair?


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