TWWTV Episode 3 - Cinnabar Merlot 2007 and Cabernet 2005

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Wine Whore Review:

This week's poll winner is a winery with a magical story:

"In the fourteenth century, alchemists believed they could miraculously transform ordinary metals into silver and gold with the help of the mineral cinnabar. Consequently, this purple-red derivative of mercury was highly coveted by medieval nobility. Cinnabar founder Tom Mudd (1942�2007) as he captured the magic of alchemy in his handcrafted wines."

Today, Winemaker George Troquato combines small, intensely flavored grapes with meddle-free winemaking to produce three lines of complex, well-balanced wines:

  • Santa Cruz Mountains Wines
  • Central Coast Wines
  • Saratoga village Tasting Room collection of limited-production exclusives

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In case you missed this week's episode of TWWTV, here's how it went:

Wanna try the wines featured in this video?
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Very special thank you to the folks from Cinnabar Winery for their kindness, support, and willingness to share a glass of their wine for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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