One Ruff Competition - HOTTEST Wine Whore Contest Announcement

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Wine Whore Review:

The hottest wine lover gets hot under the collie!

The nominations are in... the HOTTEST Wine Whore has been fetched from amongst the crowd!

Before I announce the winner, a brief paws for the honorable mentions:

2nd Place:

Justin Wylie - Va Piano Vineyards

"Justin�s meticulous attention to detail along with his passion for winemaking has proven to be a great combination in making outstanding wine. Justin firmly believes that exceptional wine comes from exceptional fruit and continues to carefully manage the vineyards as well as by following Vinea�s strict standards of sustainable agriculture."

3rd Place:

Ashley Trout - Flying Trout

"Winemaker Ashley Trout has been making wine since 1999, when she was 18 years old, traveling for equally as long, and is now pleased to share with you both of her passions.
Argentina's lure was irresistible and so started her bi-annual, bi-hemispherical crushing and Flying Trout Wines."

4th Place:

Poppie Mantone - Syncline Wine Cellars

"Coming from seven years of world travel, university study and love for wine, Poppie moved to Oregon from Provincetown, MA in 1997 to become involved in the production of wine."

... and the award goes to the leader of the pack:

Moose Rombauer (dog) - Rombauer Family Vineyards

"His role in the day to day winery operation quickly sky rocketed him to fame when he was approached by a talent scout and asked to pose for the local winery dogs picture book. He's now a household name in the dog community of Napa Valley."

Congratulations Moose! The award is well deserved! Stay tuned for the full feature, follow-up interview including details about his award.

Cheers... and woof!

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