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If I have discovered anything about wine, I have learned one valuable lesson. This lesson is the secret to finding a great bottle of wine. It's not in a price tag or even a vintage. It's not in the amount of time to age or even decant. The secret: in order to really enjoy a bottle of wine, you need to remember to have fun while trying to learn about something new at the same time!

I am excited to share the story of a friend and fellow wine lover that has not only discovered this secret, but is spreading the message throughout the world. Through her wine etiquette DVD, she is raising this county�s spirits WAY UP.

Due to skyrocketing wine sales in America, numerous wine bars, tastings, and boutique cellars have opened everywhere, and an increasing curiosity about wine is being uncorked amid all walks of life. More and more people are staying home now however, and want to drink wine which matches their BUDGET, and which still brings some taste and good times to their table.

There are few wine guides which make understanding wine etiquette fun. Laurie-Beth does this well, as she guides viewers through many a glass and grasp on enjoying wine and pairing it with great life and great food.

This presentation will delight and enchant all who seek wine knowledge and tips, in a relatable and refreshingly humorous manner. Dixon separates herself from affected sommelier and wine reps in that she reconnects each of us to the concept of "raising a glass of wine in celebration of life" and does so in a contagiously enthusiastic way. Her DVD blends a �Mae West-esque� shtick, fun fashion, and a down to earth New England charm!

Lifting spirits, interests, and one's ability to understand and appreciate wine, �Sass From My Glass� walks people through the basic steps necessary to mingle in any wine circle. It retails for the �economy friendly� price of $20., (for the two disc collection) is now available at: www.SassFromMyGlass.com and is certain to entertain!

Ms. Dixon recommends that you enjoy watching her video�while drinking something delicious and red! Take her advice, you won't be sorry! :)


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Innovative Wine said...

I'm sold!

It is important to take in the experience of tasting wine. I have had some really cheap wine that tasted great just due to the fact that it was somewhere special. I'm sure the same wine would have tasted terrible in a sterile setting.

The Wine Whore said...

It's amazing how much influence setting and mood have on the experience. When everything comes together, it can be magical... and that goes for a fancy dinner on a special occasion or even just relaxing on the couch after a long day.


Shelly said...

While I love to socialize and try new things, wine has become one of my favorite ways to relax and enjoy some quiet time at the end of the day. Whether it is with friends or alone, wine has a way of making the end of each day a celebration of life.

The video sounds like something I would enjoy...with my wine.

The Wine Whore said...

Couldn't have said it better myself!


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