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As a wine lover with a sweet tooth, I really enjoy anything that fulfills both cravings at the same time. Riesling and port wine are the most obvious ways to go to cure these cravings but today, I am excited to share a new way I found to cure the wine lover's sweet tooth:

Merrilyn's Gourmet Wine Fudge!

Merrilyn Wilmoth began Merrilyn's Gourmet Wine Fudge in her own kitchen. Wineries give her their wine and she cooks it into her fudge. There are many different flavors, from Port, Zin, Chardonnay etc. All are her own recipies, and the buzz is starting to spread throughout the world of wine and fudge lovers. Even the well known Woodbridge ordered 2,000 pieces of Port Wine Fudge for their Christmas Gifts, last year.

The wine fudge also works as a great topping.. Melt the Fudge and pour it over ice cream, cheese cake, pop corn, cakes, dip fruit, strawberries etc.

Full List of Flavors

Get some of Merrilyn's Gourmet Wine Fudge!
Website: www.candyfudgecookiesgifts.com

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Joeshico said...

Now you can eat and drink wine. Can't get much better than that :)

The Wine Whore said...

Exactly! :) That's my favorite part!


Shelly said...

Holy Crap. How did I miss this one. I'm heading over to check her list out now. Just saw wine fudge in your "bling". Can't believe I missed this one.

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! There's some hidden gems in my bling! :)

What can I say, wine fudge = totally awesome!


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