Wine Whore Review:

Rominger West Yolo County California Ros� 2007 (click for more info)
Enjoyability Score = 8/10 Points
Overall Score = 8.13/10 Points (Additional stats below)

Mystery Bottle

wine label credit: Just Karen

Trying new wine is all about mystery. Heck, that's half the fun! This week I wanted to share the excitement of opening a bottle of wine I would have otherwise never tried. I asked you to pick for me the bottle to drink based on hardly any information at all. What better way to make an educated decision? Alright, there may be a million better ways but that's not the point.

Here's how it worked... you voted and I drank!

Last week I tested the price of air. This week, I have decided to simply ask 'which one would you choose?' This week's poll was easy... all you had to do was decide which bottle to taste based on a generic description.

And the mystery wine you chose for me to consume was...
  • Rominger West Yolo County California Ros� 2007

Rominger West uses grapes from Yolo County Vineyards

If you have never heard of Rominger West, take a minute to review my previous post on this winery.

Memories of the good 'ol days:
Yolo County is home to UC Davis which reminds me of College... which reminds me of fun, parties, and overall great times. This wine brought me back to those days. If you want to let the good times roll with me next week, make sure to pay attention to this:

Facebook Profile

Never Wine Alone:
If you were with me for the virtual tasting via Twitter and Facebook you already have a good idea of how well this Cabby pair performed. If you missed it, take a minute to mark your calendar with next week�s tasting (Wednesday @ 6:30pm ET) and keep reading to see how it all went down.

Geek Out with Some Vintage Info:
"A bright and fruity, dry ros� of Grenache. The Rose' is a soft crisp Wine. This smooth wine gives the ability to pair well with any food especially spicy foods. The subtle fruity aromas and dry finish balance out the many flavors." - Rominger West Winery

Producer: Rominger West
Vintage: 2007
Varietal: Ros� of Grenache
Appellation: Yolo County, California
Residual Sugar: N/A
pH: N/A
Production: N/A
Alcohol %: 13.5
Aging: N/A
Cost: $12/bottle (Get your own bottle!)

Wine Whore Score:

My wine time tasting experience summarized by the senses...

To the eyes: Cranberry swimming in a deep murky pool of watermelon.

To the nose: Slightly musty muted hints of alcohol mixed with bittersweet cranberry.

On the tongue: Round and fruity. Fun, yet tacky like a tuxedo t-shirt!

This wine is great for the summer! Crack open a bottle, relax, and let you worries melt away. After all... it's time to party! :)


Wanna join the party?
Click here to rock out with this Ros�!

(Read more wine reviews and info at The Wine Whore)

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Kort said...

Your descriptives keep getting more and more bizarre -- what fun! :)

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! I think you are right... guess I am just having fun and keeping it fresh! :)

Hope you are ready for a great holiday weekend! Almost there!


Joeshico said...

Just starting to enjoy the dry Rose'
Will probably have quite a few before summer's over.
Do agree with Kort, descriptives are getting more and more bizarre. Keep up the good work.

The Wine Whore said...

I agree with you Joe... I am just starting to get more into the Rose. They go especially well with the summer. Refreshing yet dry! :)


Tuxedo Packages said... has o ton of them.Search "Tuxedo".

The Wine Whore said...

LOL! Thank you Tuxedo! :)

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