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When I am not busy drinking wine, thinking about wine, or writing about wine, I like to see the world and meet new people. I am especially happy when wine has a chance to play a role in these adventures. For me, there's nothing more exciting than the discovery of a new place and a great meal accompanied by a nice bottle of vino! I have to admit that although I live in Florida, some of my fondest memories are set in the 'Left Coast'.

How does someone from Florida, or anywhere for that matter, find great places for wine and food?

Off the Vine is a magazine passionate about all the fabulous food and wine that the left coast has to offer. They talk about everything from wine and restaurant reviews to their favorite weekend getaways, cookware and even taco trucks. They're based in the Napa valley, but have coverage spanning all the way from Vancouver, British Columbia down to San Diego, California and everywhere in between. If you're looking for the best wine, restaurants, gourmet shops (or anything else culinary) to be found on the west coast, you will be sure to find it in Off the Vine.

Off the Vine Magazine

There is tons of free content on their Web site and you can get even more by subscribing for full site access. After the launch of their print edition in September, they'll be printing six times a year. The Web site is updated all the time, so be sure to check 'em out whenever you decide to take a break from the Wine Whore... or better yet, just open up a new window so you can stay up to date with both of us!

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GrapeandCheese said...

Even though we're east coast - we LOVE Off the Vine Magazine! Come check it out in our store when we have issues in stock!

Grape and Cheese - Fine Wine, Cheese, and Beer in Richmond, VA

The Wine Whore said...

Very cool! Nice to see VA is well represented!

Happy Wine Weekend to you!


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