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The first member of the 'Better to be a Wine Whore' movement is back again with an empty glass and another great story to share!

Don't blow out your candles just yet...

Andrea Faria
The Wine Whore
Article #2

�The Best Birthdays Are Spent in the Company of Friends� and Complete Strangers if they Bring Wine�

Who likes to do things? Let�s have a raise of hands. Any type of �things� will do. Baseball games, kayaking, white water rafting, reading, shopping knitting, mountain climbing, stamp collecting, underwater basket weaving� WHATEVER! With so many different options in this world to choose from, there is rarely a time when a person is at a loss as to what they would spend their perfect birthday doing.

So why is it, then, that EVERY SINGLE one of my friends picks wine tasting as their birthday activity? Well� except the pregnant ones. But fat-alien-incubators aside, all my non-prego, healthy, intelligent, well rounded, educated, gainfully employed, funny, beautiful friends� want to drink massive amounts of wine as often as possible. Why IS that?

I�ll tell you one thing, it has nothing to do with �bursts of cherry, followed by a lingering essence of plum�. Not one of us gives a rip about �oaky� smells, or �legs�. We could categorize our wine tasting selections more like this:

    #5 � Meh:
      Wouldn�t serve it to someone else, but would drink it if there was nothing else in the house except bleach� because we�d already drunk the red wine vinegar.

    #4 � Shrug:
      Would drink it if someone else was serving it (and we�re not RUDE) but probably wouldn�t spend our hard earned pesos on it.

    #3 � Drinkable:
      Would buy it if the price permitted, but ok to leave if it�s $50 a bottle.

    #2 � Good:
      In fact, good enough to serve to guests that we want returning to our homes.

    #1 � O.B.E.: (Husband calls this �Overwhelmed By Event�)
      Want to bathe it in, spray it in perfume form all over our bodies, poor it on our breakfast cereal, and would marry it in Vermont where (we�re pretty sure) it�s legal.

This is why we drink wine. We drink it to find that perfect bottle, and to get tipsy (read: annihilated) on the road to that discovery. I�d like to say that most wineries have at least one #1 ranking bottle (except one I visited in March, which had seven #5�s on the tasting list, yuck!), and a few (one of which I was a proud member of their wine club) have nothing but #1�s!!!! And it doesn�t hurt to know the guy behind the counter. That�s right, I was fortunate enough to have married a man whose father pours at Mill Creek in Healdsburg on the weekends� just for fun� that�s my kind of fun. They have no #4�s or #5�s, and I�m not just saying that cause I know the guy! Plus he helps me select the best stuff, because he knows what I like. No cabs for me, thank-you-very-much, and a merlot will always be a #3 at any winery. At any given winery, I just tell them bring on the Pinots, Zins, and Syrahs!!!! Not usually a white fan (except the Boeger Riesling, which is surprisingly dry, and Meridian Pinot Grigio, which is Mary Poppins� practically perfect in every way, including the $8.99 price tag), he knows to keep the whites at bay.

The last time I went to visit him at work, was for my God-sister Lisa�s birthday. Her mother, Mary, is more of a Chardonnay fan, and so Tappy (that�s what my daughters call their grandpa� it was supposed to be Grandpa Tiny because he�s 6�4�, but Tappy is how it came out, and that�s what it stayed) was pulling out the stops to show off all his lighter fare.

Am I ever glad that he did! Because besides the Chardonnay being Mary�s #1, he introduced me to a Rose (I know, a ROSE!) that melted the butter on my biscuits. If you get a chance to experience the Mill Creek Santa Rosa� you will have fully lived your life. Sweeter than I usually prefer, but not so sweet that I would consider it a dessert wine. Instead, it�s the keep-it-in-the-fridge-it�ll-be-great-after-dinner-when-the-kids-go-to-bed-and-it�s-still-hot-outside-so-we-can-sit-and-visit-with-everyone wine. We drank more than one bottle out on their back patio with cheese, crackers, and fruit� and Tappy so kindly brought me MORE when he came to see me that week�. Which was good because I�m lactose intolerant and all that cheese made for an interesting rest of the day.

So� yeah� Mill Creek Santa Rosa� oh so delish� a #1 Rose� who woulda thunk it?

It makes the profession of Event Planner so much easier when you have this much confidence in a winery. You can pretty much cover any array of palates with a single stop, and have complete assurance in the winery�s ability to deliver lock stock and barrel. Plus, you know, the whole �family discount� thing doesn�t hurt either�

Andrea Faria (The A)
Owner / Event Coordinator
The Divine C&A

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Shelly said...

That's the second positive Rose' review I've read this week. This hot weather has me thinking of trading in one of my reds for a "pink". Thanks for a great review, Andrea.

The Wine Whore said...

Rose is definitely in for the summer! :)


Andrea Faria said...

UPDATE! The Santa Rosa has SOLD OUT! Tappy is trying to get the winemaker to step up and do it again, but not sure where that'll get us.... so sad... I cried...

The Wine Whore said...

Oh NO!!

This is sad news!

Anonymous said...

I am a newbie subscriber to The Wine Whore, however; my two brothers, my niece, and their significant others, and myself are all interested in good wine and good food. They have tremendous wine cellars in their homes, and oh what fun I have when visitng. Like a kid in candy store, selecting a wine from their collection. Personally, I enjoy Cambria, from Catherine's vineyard, Meridian chard, and a spanish wine called Albarino. I just recently went out to Kansas, to visit for my brother's bday, and we had a great party and counted approximately 60 empty bottles, the next day! It was awesome and great fun.

The Wine Whore said...

Welcome to my wine journey! Very nice to meet you!

Thank you for sharing your story and love for the grape! There's nothing better than good wine, good company, and good times! :)


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