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Wine Whore Review:

WW Crew: Do you have what it takes?

The applications for the "Better to be a Wine Whore" position are in! I am proud to announce that the candidate pool of wine lovers was larger than anticipated. So large, in fact, that I got to thinking. Why should there only be one, two, or even three candidates selected. What if everyone who loves wine could take part in the movement!


Announcing a new wine lover paradise... a virtual place for us to hang out, meet fellow wine lovers close to home as well as around the world, and most importantly DRINK FREE WINE!

Become a member of the WW Crew! Sign up here before it's too late!!!


Winning Applicants:

Patricia Coty

"It's 'Better to be a Wine Whore' because there is nothing that compares.
From the hunt - whether a trusted, old friend; a friendly recommendation; a great price or an interesting/amusing label - the options are endless. Add to this the variety...from Chard, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Fume Blanc, Zin, Cab, Merlot, Pinot Noir...the list goes on.
To the encounter - the subtle fragrance from the freshly uncorked bottle; the first splash in the empty glass; the shimmering colors - pale yellow, golden radiance, deep ruby, pale pink, warm plum; again the fragrance - lightly fruity, slightly oaky, full bodied, earthy; the first sip - the coolness/warmth on the lips-the tongue; the smoothness/crispness/tang/zest sliding over the taste buds - savoring. The reoccurring sensations, deepening, glass after glass.
The finale - the slight buzz; the empty bottle; the empty glass; the small space within that can't be filled......until the next bottle is opened and a new adventure begins. Why it's better to be a Wine Whore."

Lita Cox (aka Ecodiva)

"I am the Co-Chair of the Verde Valley Wine Consortium- a non-profit supporting the growth of the wine industry in Northern Arizona.

I belong to several wine clubs..have a boat load of wine stored..have it every day..love it..grew up in an Italian family and two of my uncles were wine makers.

It�s in my blood!"

Geoff Foley

"It's better to be a wine whore because nothing tops off a great evening with friends than opening a nice bottle of red and enjoying good wine with good company."

Mark V. Fusco

"Mark Fusco is the host of the internet�s newest wine TV show � 1337 Wine TV. A long-time restaurant manager in several casual dining concepts Mark has experienced wine for almost 15 years in a professional setting.

His site has also been featured in a review on Star Silver Creek�s website (http://www.starksilvercreek.com/) and also featured on iGoSA�s website in the Culture and Style section (http://igosa.com/category/culture/1337wine/). It is also available via iTunes."

Stacy Gagnon

"I remember my first time�it was an �88 White Zinfandel from Beringer.

I felt tawdry, deceitful, guilty.

What would my former loves�Mickey, Lucky and Schlitz say? They would be appalled. They claim now, to this day, not to know me.

Yet, I was maturing. White zin, while being my �first��was not my first love. That honor belongs to its grown-up sibling�zinfandel. It was so strong, and powerful and spicy. I couldn�t get enough. Days turned into nights�each bottle more than just a notch on my bedpost. How could anything be better than a robust, peppery zin?

It overpowered me�enveloped me�consumed me�until I realized I needed more!

I dared to find others. I was not at all discriminatory. �White� wines�I love you Viogner. You to, you capsicum laden NZ sauvignon blancs (I hope to see you again where we first met in the South Island).

Red wines? You will always be my favorite. You sassy Sierra Barberas�you temperamental little Carneros Pinots. You shameful hidden gems (you know who you are�.Tempranillo, Tannat, Alicante Bouchet), just to name a few.

I love you all. You may label me a whore�but I am a lover. I will not be alone tonight or any night. You will comfort me and I in turn will engulf you, embrace you and remember you forever.

I know you�I know what you are supposed to be. I know those who enter you for mere notoriety�as sure as I know a Gloria Ferrer �05 Sparkling Brut Rose will wine Best in Class White wine in the California State Wine Fair Competition on July 9 (please don�t mention I know that�a whore still has friends and secrets to keep). I know winemakers, judges, volunteers, adoring public�and they all love you when you are hot and popular. But I will remember where and when we first met (I am thinking of you, �05 dkCellars Reserve Zin).

You are all finely crafted grapes�I am a simpleton who wishes to smell, swish and swirl you. And I will love you�just don�t ask me to be your only �one��for I am a Wine Whore. I will love you every night, but you will not be my choice every night."

Kathy Glenn

"It is better to be a Wine Whore because the ideal Wine Whore is someone truly special. Wine Whore's are always looking for that next great bottle. Not content to drink the same available "grocery store" brand over and over again, they look for ways and opportunities to try wines that the average person is not even aware of. Wine tastings, wine stores, and wine clubs are all avenues that Wine Whores explore in their never ending quest for phenomenal wines at great prices. You will always find a variety of wines in a Wine Whore's home, stored in the temperature controlled safety of a wine refrigerator or home cellar. Different varietals and blends of whites, reds, roses, sparkling wines, and dessert wines all reside in harmony in a Wine Whore's world. Dinner is chosen to complement the wine, not the other way around. Vacations are planned around visits to new and exciting winerys. Wine Whore's are always looking for best deal and the least expensive way to broaden their viticultural horizons. Free wine is the ultimate goal of any Wine Whore. Not ever satisfied to keep their finds to themselves, Wine Whores love sharing new wines with friends and family, and helping propagate the ever growing population of Wine Whores!

I know this to all be true, because I AM a Wine Whore!"

Shirlee Grund

"I am a wine whore as I always choose to try something new over the �safe choice� of the go-to wine. Please check out my 2 blogs: muymalbec.com and handoffgodwines.com. On these sites, I mostly cover reds and malbecs in particular but will be focusing more on Torrontes and Viogniers in the future. If there is any doubt that I am a true wine whore, check out the recipe of the week � Pasta Puttanesca paired with Pascual Toso Malbec."

Melissa May

"There once was a girl named Mel
Who thought drinking vino was swell.
As a student, she's poor.
She'd make a great wine whore,
And of her tastings, she'd creatively tell.

Some additional "tasting" notes:
I love wine. Tasting it, smelling it, collecting bottles and bottles of it. Collecting piles of corks to adorn my apartment. I also love to write. I'm a journalism master's student who loves to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Especially when it involves writing about something I'm passionate about, like wine. For a free tasting, please check out a sample of my work...an unpretentious article on Texas wine that recently appeared on Texas Monthly's site: http://www.texasmonthly.com/2009-06-01/webextra4.php"

Luna Raven

"I started with mixed drinks. I would only drink wine occasionally, usually house, with dinner out with the girls.

After working at an Italian winery I discovered the joys of wine and the delights that wine provides.

Wine reductions, wine jello (mine is fantastic) or just drinking it, I adore trying new wines.

If chosen to be an official Wine Whore, it would be an honor I would proudly uphold!"

Joan Seeger

"Ok - it's better to be a wine whore than a whore. One you get tons of respect- two nada, you get spit on. Just guessing mind you. Personally I want to be employed at a job I enjoy- NOT just for the bucks but for pleasure and fun. You are getting more recognition and I feel this endeavor will pay off sometime. Keep up with the educating us mortals and humor-- it will happen!!

the WhineWhore!!"

Stephanie Sims

"Of course the typical answer would be better a "Wine Whore" than a "Beer Bastard"...but people have already gone there I'm sure.

But the new Budweiser commercial featuring a beautiful model standing in front of an open fridge of beer and reminding everyone that the drink they choose reflects who they are brings the point home in a "classier" way. And although I love my American girl beers my true personality and the reflection of who I am comes in the form of a half filled glass from a bottle of wine I've recently picked up in a local market.

I've recently began testing my personalities and visiting many of the local wineries here in Michigan, finding that each individual bottle could reflect so many of my moods. Ice Wines, Fruit Wines, Reds or Whites...what you drink truly can reflect or change who you are, better than any beer brand could.

Better to be a wine whore...discover all the variations of wine and of you and your personality, show others who you are in that moment with a simple glass of wine; let your drink reflect who you are!"

Andrea Stark

"I suppose it was no surprise that I was the most knowledgeable about wine among my Midwestern friends. My master's in journalism taught me a lot. I also learned that I�m never happier than when I�m discussing wine. Bringing the winning bottle of wine to the blind tasting was fun at first. What�s not fun about winning? But after a while, I wanted to teach these people the qualities of good wine�what to look for, where to find it, and how to taste it. Qualities that I was practically born with were noticeably absent in my smart (though far from wine savvy) Missourian friends.

I am a young wine drinker. I think it is important to have insight from a member of this demographic�someone who knows something about wine, but is still learning, and producing insight that is accessible to other aspiring wine lovers.

Bottles of sub-$10 wine from Trader Joe�s can only take me so far. This takes me to my venture into wine whoredom. Tasting wine and sharing my insight sounds like something I would like. Something I would be good at. Something I need to do to further my wine knowledge.

Free wine is better than not free wine. Very simply, this is why it�s better to be a wine whore.

I�m up to the challenge."

Sonia Zamborsky

"To give you a quick snapshot of the integral part wine plays in my life: a few years ago, my boyfriend and I planned a trip to Greece specifically because there was a fun-sounding wine festival in Rethymnon, Crete. The fest got cancelled at the last minute, but we spent our remaining trip making our own festival by seeking out every winery we could find. It was a stellar opportunity to develop an appreciation for Retsina and delight in tasting wines made from the Asyrtiko grape of Santorini.

Like most people, I gravitate towards buying wines I already know, so I'd love an excuse to branch out, try new stuff, and share the love with other winos online. Recently, I've been looking for Italian wines to taste, in preparation for a monthlong trip to Italy this fall, where we will most certainly be visiting lots of wineries."

Become a member of the WW Crew! Sign up here before it's too late!!!

(Read more wine reviews and info at The Wine Whore)

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Any y'all ever tried that Cool Breeze wine in peach flavor? That's for real my favorite. And real affordable too. Put ice cubes in it to keep it cool.

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Can't say that I have! I am always open to trying new wines... if not at least once! :)


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