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Now there's yet another reason to drink more wine. Every bottle brings you one step closer to the ultimate holiday ornament that no home will be complete without.

Shelly from Wine at Five has joined the 'Better to be a Wine Whore' movement to share how she gets creative with corks.

Take it away, Shelly!

"If you enjoy wine like I do, you probably have a collection of corks and are wondering what to do with them. I�ve been searching around for projects that use corks and have come across the usual trivets and cork/message boards, but I was looking for something a little more unique, something that I would use in my house and would feel proud to give away as a gift. Then I found the cork wreath. Not only are these beautiful and SO easy to make, they can be customized for any occasion or to fit any decor. I decided to make my first wreath trimmed in purple and gold, as this will go perfectly in my Parent�s kitchen or living room. I think they are going to adore this.

You start out with a craft wreath, I decided to use one of twine to give it a more rustic look, your collection of corks (I used a medium wreath and 76 corks) a hot glue gun, and any ribbon or extras you want to add.

Start by gluing the corks around the wreath. No specific pattern is necessary, and if a little twine shows through you can either leave it or fill in with leaves, flowers, or whatever you�d like.

Continue to cover the entire wreath until you feel you have full coverage.

You could actually leave it like this if you prefer. I decided to add a little color. I wrapped gold ribbon around the entire wreath and tried to cover any spots that seemed a little bare. I glued the ribbon to keep it in place. I then took wired purple ribbon and crafted a bow, tied once around the wreath. The bow can be positioned anywhere you�d like, top bottom or side. My wreath was a little odd shaped so I compensated with the corks and bow to make it look more symmetrical. In the end, I had this:

This was one of the easiest crafts I�ve ever done. I spent $2.49 on the wreath and $5 on the ribbon. The project took less than one hour from start to finish and I am quite pleased with my finished product. I also saw similar items selling online for more than $60. If you have the corks, why not create a memento of all those bottles shared."

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Joeshico said...

I have a nephew who is a wine buyer for the PA LCB at one of there super stores and his wife has been making wreaths for years. Has quite a collection. My wife has made trivets and I am planning a cork wall (courtesy of Shelly) in my new finised basement. Amazing what can be done to reuse corks.
Also as interesting, are lamps made from unique wine bottles.

The Wine Whore said...

Hello Joe!

I think all of these cork projects are so cool! Can't wait to see the cork wall! It's funny you mention the lamp wine bottles... I have been looking into making some of those with the empties from my wine tastings.

Hope you are having a great wine weekend!


jFLASHj said...

Someday I shall create something with the over 1000 that I have put away.

The Wine Whore said...

1000 corks and you could probably make one of those "walls 'o corks"!


RE Ausetkmt said...

that's a really nice wreath shelly.
so wine whore, can you show us your collection
of corks ?

I bet you've got loads.. ;)

The Wine Whore said...

You are right! I have quite a collection amassing!

I'll post a pic of my cork collection in the forum!


beth said...

You seems to be very creative with cork. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.

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