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I am proud to introduce the second member of the 'Better to be a Wine Whore' movement. Her name is Liz Mitchell and she is absolutely purple with passion for vino. While most people are fondly familiar with wine from the West Coast, Liz brings a fresh and interesting view to the vine. Instead of wandering through the West Coast, her Wine Talk column dives into a lesser known wine region. Her expertise: wineries in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Today Liz shares how a North Carolina winery is putting a new spin on something we all to often overlook.

Please raise a glass and salute Liz...

Silver Coast cool contest wine label

Wine Talk
What�s in a Label?
By Liz Mitchell

Why does it matter? How is it created? I�ve not given too much thought to the origin of wine labels. Yet I do recognize that the label sometimes attracts me to look at a bottle on the rack and maybe to purchase. In addition to learning its vintage and the important basics, I�ve also frequently read the back label for guidance on the foods it best accompanies. Not that I always pay attention to that, but it�s good to know anyway, and sometimes it�s a great surprise that the recommended pairings are not what I expected. An occasional label has cool creative writing that makes me smile at the fun someone was having.

I imagine that large established wineries have smart and creative designers and marketing people, or they contract an agency, to develop a spiffy new label when needed.

Silver Coast Winery in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, is a small winery producing 10,000 cases each year. Less than seven years old, the winery continues to develop tasty new product which is well received by its public. Artists worldwide are invited to submit label designs this month for their new Blackberry Wine. The winning artist will be recognized on the label as well as receiving a $500 prize. The deadline is June 30, so get the details now from Silver Coast Winery if you are a designer.

Examples of their earlier labels are shown here, some of which were produced in competitions.

The new wine is from a Cabernet Franc grape which is called one of the parents of the better known Cabernet Sauvignon, although with less acid and tannins and being more herbaceous and aromatic. It is traced to the Brittany region of France earlier than the 18th Century and now is recognized in the Bordeaux region as well as in the United States and other countries.

Silver Coast has won 190 medals, most at international wine competitions throughout the United States. The winemaking facility near the beautiful southeastern coast of the state is open daily and hosts lively monthly festivals as well as weddings and private parties. Tours showcase the entire process from the grapevines to the tasting. Frequently changing exhibits in the eclectic gallery include sculpture and paintings by local artists.

Check back here for label comments as I learn more, or pose your questions and suggestions for continuing discussion. This might be a topic I will want to research further. Funny that it�s just now come to the forefront of my thinking about wine, so I�m going to start reading more labels to discuss it with you. Don�t expect serious in depth analysis though. It�s just for fun!

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Shelly said...

I'm a label buyer so I find this very interesting. I'm going to check out the results of that contest, should see some great art. I purchased a bottle yesterday that had been greatly reduced the last couple months and noticed yesterday that they had changed the label. I guess they were trying to get rid of all the old "stock".

The Wine Whore said...

Hello Shelly!

Very interesting... which bottle was it? I thought you might get a kick out of this contest since I remembered how much you like labels! :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Liz!

I absolutely love labels! I can't tell you how many times I have picked a bottle just because I thought that the label looked cool!

The Wine Whore said...

I do the same thing all of the time! :) It's really nice to see a winery soliciting artistic talent for the labels.


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