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My brothers from another wine loving mother are back and here to share more about South African wine. This week, the Wine Bandits visit the wilds of Africa to explore the similarities between the Rustenberg Peter Barlow Cabernet Sauvignon and none other than� the African Elephant!

But before we explore this intriguing wine pairing...

Geek Out with Some South African Wine Info:

"Rustenburg is a historic estate in Stellenbosch sheltered by the Simonsberg. It has a wine growing history dating back to 1682 with wine being bottled at this cellar for an unbroken period since 1892. It has been in the possession of the Barlow family for over 60 years, the longest period any one family has owned the property.

Peter and Pamela Barlow bought Rustenburg in 1941, then a neglected farm and homestead, along with Schoongezicht and reunited the properties. Some of the vines planted there had been uprooted and replaced with fruit trees for the export market, but fortunately for the wine lovers of the 21st century the war had put an end to the export fruit trade which made way for this well known and well loved winery.

The grapes for Rustenburg and Brampton wines climb the rich red slopes of the Simonsberg and Helderberg. The amphitheatre of slopes, soils, altitude and aspects allows for site specific plantings of the classic grape varieties and harvesting by hand. Controlled irrigation is used when necessary to alleviate stressed vines and maximise quality vines.

Simon, son of Peter and Pamela Barlow and the force behind the 21st century renewal, regards himself as a caretaker with the responsibility to leave Rustenberg in a better place than he found it. The family see varietal character as only one facet of the winemaking process, to them this multi faceted process encapsulates terroir (soil, weather, micro-climatic variation), healthy vineyards and ripe fruit, cellar handling, blending and maturation. Hence the Rustenberg wines exude a sense of place.

Rustenberg has distanced themselves from the New World fervour for fruity wines and have concentrated rather on simplicity. To Simon international appeal does not imply loss of identity which rings true in their international success with their reds, and fresh, fruity whites."

Now I am sure the thought in everyone's minds is: How does their Cabernet compare to an elephant?

Here is the answer:

The Wine Bandit Mission:
Discover more about great South African wines by talking to wine makers, demystify complicated wine subjects, having a good laugh the whole way through, making wine accessible and entertaining.

Get more of The Wine Bandits! Hang out with them as they get Under the Influence of fine wine. You can also find them on their blog.


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Sandy said...

I couldn't follow the video to see how the wine and elephant connect. It kept stopping and trying to load. Though I did enjoy reading the history you posted. Very cool, the family part. I don't think I've ever had African wine. Something to add to my list. So many wines, and sometimes not enough time! lol


Joan said...

The video worked fine on my computer. Rustenberg is beautiful.
Fasie has a nasty herpes They were comparng the cabernet grape and wine to the elephants who were by them while drinking in Jeep. FUN!

The Wine Whore said...

Ok, cool! I was hoping it would be working okay... I would hate for everyone to miss out on this one due to internet issues. :)

I really like the approach especially considering how far away they are. Just goes to show you that wine can be fun nomatter where you enjoy it!


Jaya aka @SonomaBonVivant said...

Hey, this is the 2nd time today I landed on your blog. I read a Twitter RT someone linked to your "Be Very Afraid" post this morning (which was good, btw.)

This afternoon, I typed +elephants +wine, just to see what came up. I consider myself an elephant conservationist, and was wondering if anyone in the wine biz is doing any elephant philantropy. Your fun video came up.

Comparing cabernet to elephants is a good match. I haven't really explored South African wines yet, but I would give anything to be in Africa right now enjoying some cab and watching elephants! So envious of your sipping safari. There is nothing in this world as marvelous as an African sundowner.


The Wine Whore said...

Thank you for stopping by!

Always glad to spend time with a fellow wino! What has been your favorite travel/wine journey so far?


Jaya said...

It may sound trite, but my neighborhood is still my favorite to explore! I moved to West Sonoma County 3 years ago, and love it. It's hipper, more bohemian, and a lot less pretentious than Napa Valley.

Least favorite place was Paris, because I was outnumbered at the dinner table and subjected to a nightly game of "Let's tease the California blonde about how bad their wines are compared to ours." LOL. I was younger and less sure of myself then. I could probably razz them back better now.

The Wine Whore said...

Although I haven't lived in either Napa or Sonoma, I do find that I enjoyed the feel of Napa much better when I visit. Luckily, while in Paris the only debate I got into about American vs French wine revolved around which place made MORE bad wine! :)


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