Wise Wine Review:
LangeTwins Clarksburg California Viognier 2008

Cost Score = 9/10 Points
Taste Score = 9/10 Points
Overall Score = 8/10 Points (Additional stats below)

The LangeTwins story is one of generations dedicating their lives to the pursuit of great wine. In order to really respect the passion that went into their newly released and aptly titled Generations Viognier, I encourage you to discover the rich history of their family.

Not only does the LangeTwins family create enjoyable wine, they are also awesome people! Because of this, I am excited to have the chance to share with you a bottle of their Viognier today.

Before we crack open the bottle, I have one question...

What the heck is Vionier anyway?

Viognier wines are well-known for their floral aromas. The source of this magnificent bouquet is called terpenes, which are also found in Muscat and Riesling wines. Depending on where they were grown, the weather conditions, and how old the vines were, there are many other powerful flower and fruit aromas which can be perceived in these wines.

Younger is better!

Viognier typically loses its perfume as it ages. Depending on the winemaking style, the grape can often hit its peak at one year of age though some can stay at high levels of quality up to ten years. Wine made from this grape are typically meant to be consumed relatively young. Aging these wines for too long will often yield a very crisp drinking wine which is almost completely flat in the nose.

For more information on aging wine, read The Simple Truth - How Long Should I Age My Wine?

Looks are Deceiving!

Although Viognier may smell and look sweet, these wines are predominantly dry. Its low acidity makes this grape a great add-in as a softening agent in Syrah wines. In addition to its softening qualities the grape also adds a stabilizing agent and enhanced perfume to the red wine.

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Vintage Info:
�The 2008 growing season had an interesting start. The winter rains were minimal and the spring rains were absent. As a result, we entered the year with drier than normal soils and a long frost season. Several vineyards in Lodi, Clements Hills, and the Delta regions, were affected by the frost, even with all fingers crossed! After those stressful hours in late April, the rest of the growing season was decent. We had cooler and warmer than normal days, but the fruit had a regular pattern for ripeness and the vines behaved as we expected." �LangeTwins

Recommended Food Pairing:
The highly aromatic and fruit forward nature of Viognier allows it to pair well with spicy foods such as Thai cuisine and sushi mixed with generous amounts of wasabi.

I personally tasted this wine with 1.5" thick BBQ pork chops seasoned with a spicy kick of pepper. The sunny hue of the wine set well next to this dish which included an ear of corn and a pile of potato salad.

Producer: LangeTwins
Vintage: 2008
Varietal: Viognier
Appellation: Clarksburg, California - Estate Grown
Residual Sugar: N/A
pH: N/A
Production: 140 cases
Alcohol %: 14.9
Aging: French and American Oak, and Stainless Steel aged
Cost: $16 ($12.80/bottle for club members)

Wine Whore Score:

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My Summery Sensory Experience...

To the eye:
Luminescent sunshine piercing from its glass confines.

To the nose:
Delicate aromatic bouquet of ripe citrus atop a blanket of slowly opening roses.

On the tongue:
Perfect symmetry of acidity, sweetness, and fruit. Deceiving nose of sweetness reveals a sharp dry palate that smoothly sets into the distance like the sun fading after a long day.

Selling for less than $20 per bottle, this wine scores a 9 for cost, enjoyability AND taste. This stellar wine earns a total score of 32 out of 40 points and an average score of 8 out of 10 points. This is a wine that is enjoyable in every way possible. With only 140 cases of this amazing Generations series available, you'll want to get your hands on some of this limited production masterpiece before it is too late.

From the second it touches your glass to the moment it tingles your tongue, you won't want to miss a second of this experience. One sip of this summer day Viognier and you'll be instantly transported back to a world where nothing else matters!

This has been a truly remarkable experience!


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Kort said...

Sounds like it was a true joy to enjoy. My mouth is watering...

The Wine Whore said...

I wasn't sure what to expect since I never had a Viognier by itself.

I was really pleasantly surprised!

It smelled SO delicious and tasted even better... lotta bang for the low buck price tag.


joeshico said...

Another case where I have to re-think about a certain wine.
I have only tried Viognier once and never went back for more! Thought it was awful!
Since I began blogging and following blogs, I have found out that was a mistake. I should compare more often before passing judgement.
Will now have to look out for another wine recommended by the Wine Whore. You haven't failed yet. Thanks Randy

The Wine Whore said...

Thank you very much Joe! If this whole 'journey' has taught me anything, it's always give things a chance if not only once. This was definitely one that I was glad to have tried!


Don Phelps said...

Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards at Lake Chelan in Washington has been making Viognier wine since it opened and it is consistently one of our best sellers. This years offering is bottled under our shameless Hussy label and retails for 15 dollars a bottle.

Sarah C said...

Thanks for the delicious review! We just bottled our first Viognier at Cathedral Ridge Winery and, before that, I was pretty unfamiliar about the varietal. So, it is refreshing to hear reviews and tasting notes about other Viogniers as a comparison. This one sounds just perfect and I would love to have the team to taste it here at the winery to get an idea about the wine.


The Wine Whore said...

Don and Sarah - It is really cool to hear about Viognier making its mark! I think a lot of people may not know what it is about and how awesome it can be! Thank you for your dedication to this grape!


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