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Join the Party
The best way to enjoy wine is in the company of friends and family. As a huge fan of tasting events, my favorite bottles are those I have had the opportunity to share with others. My favorite social gatherings are wine tasting parties. These parties are a perfect way to enjoy many different wines while also having fun with friends.

I want to have a wine party but I don't know where to begin?

Putting together a wine party can take a lot of planning and research but now there's someone to help. Thanks to the Traveling Vineyard and my friend Kiersten, I am excited to announce that anyone can easliy host a wine party with their friends. What better way to kick back and have a good time, than inviting several bottles of great wine to the party!

Ask Kiersten how you can have your own tasting party. She can also help you if you are looking to use your knowledge of vino to make some extra dough. Just make sure to tell her that the Wine Whore sent ya! ;)

Make every bottle taste better, share it with others!


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Shelly said...

I already told you that I think a wine tasting/sex toy party is the way to go. It's just hard as a Mom because I get invites to these things all the time. It's time consuming and I always feel pressured to buy. Not because of the pitch, it's just me. Someone needs to have bi-annual parties and throw the jewlery in too. I could do 2 a year but 2 a month is a little much:)

The Wine Whore said...

That would definitely bring new meaning to "Wine Whore Party" :)

2x a month is definitely a little excessive, twice a year is much better! It's really just about having fun and enjoying wine... not cool if there's any pressure involved at all! :)


Joeshico said...

Absolutely right on about best time it have wine is partying with friends. With the exception of a great Italian Restaurant, soft music, fantastic meal, low lights and a special someone.

The Wine Whore said...

Joe, I think we are twins! Aside from a good steakhouse, my favorite way to dine with that special someone is over a great Italian meal... Veal Parm is my favorite.


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