Wise Wine Review:

Joel Gott California Zinfandel 2007 (click for more info)
Taste Score = 8.5/10 Points
Cost Score = 9/10 Points
Enjoyability Score = 9/10 Points
Overall Score = 8.75/10 Points (Additional stats below)

Joel Gott, a Wine Whore who knows how to make a kick-ass burger!

We have all been there. After hours of drinking wine, beer, liquor, or whatever the heck your favorite alcoholic beverage happens to be, you realize that your stomach needs some love.

Be careful! This is a critical turning point.

My mother once told me some important words of wisdom. She said "If the room starts to spin, don't go to sleep. Grab a bite to eat!" Thank you Mom for encouraging me to become the Wine Whore I am today... I love you! More importantly, thank you for helping me discover one of the best places to cure the drunken munchies and oddly enough, a great bottle of Zin.

This Napa Valley burger stand goes by the name Taylor's Refresher. Famous Wine Whore, Robert Parker, declared that Taylor's double cheeseburger was his "most memorable meal of 1999." Although I doubt that Robert would remember much of his visit if he was as toasted as I was when I made this stop, after dinning on the benches of this casually gourmet establishment, this Wine Whore dizzily nods in agreement!

It is not all burgers and fries for the owner of this burger stand. When owner Joel Gott isn't running one of his many Napa businesses, he is busy crafting some of California's best Zinfandel.

That being said, let's get down to drinkin'!

After tasting a bottle of Gott Zinfandel, I am excited to announce that Joel knows how to do much more than make a kick-ass burger. His Zinfandel is so good, it deserves more than just the title of Wise Wine... it deserves a good meal.

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Wine Geek Vintage Info:
"Dry-farmed, old-head-trained vines in Lodi and Amador produce intense, structured fruit while the Napa Valley harvest adds power, depth and complexity. Fruit from the cooler climate of Sonoma County offers classic Zinfandel aromatics of pepper and anise. Together, these diverse regions produce a Zinfandel packed with flavors of licorice, plums, Bing cherries and blackberries with a deep, long finish." �Joel Gott

Recommended Food Pairing:
As a tribute to the great greasy goodies served at Taylor's Refresher, I recommend pairing this wine with a sloppy cheeseburger, succulent pulled pork sandwich, and a basket piled high with chili cheese fries! This award winning combo not only goes well with the wine but also helps prevent your vino buzz from painfully bleeding into the following morning.

Producer: Joel Gott
Vintage: 2007
Varietal: Zinfandel
Appellation: California
Residual Sugar: N/A
pH: N/A
Production: N/A
Alcohol %: 14.4
Aging: N/A
Cost: $17/bottle (Get your own bottle!)

Wine Whore Score:

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My Palate Party...

To the eye:
Deep ruby red stained by swirling hints of jam.

To the nose:
Bursting with fruit and jam wrapped like a burrito in a leather tortilla.

On the tongue:
Sweet and fruity with a sprinkle of spice which fades with a long fun finish like a great night of drinks with friends.

This wine is great for all of the same reasons that I enjoy Joel Gott's California eateries. It is relatively easy to find, casual and fun, and most importantly, you get some excellent bang for the buck.

For less than $20, this vino is a great value! Enjoyable and fun, this wine is ready to party. Like a meal at Taylor's Refresher, this Zinfandel proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to have a good time!

Get yourself a bottle and experience the fun firsthand!


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Photos of courtesy of Gott Wines

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Kort said...

Not fair man. It is just past breakfast and after reading this I am jonesing for some pulled pork, chili cheese fries, and some good Zin. Not fair at all... ;']

The Wine Whore said...

I know what you mean... I have been staring at this picture all morning just drooling!

Is it lunch time yet? I need some wine... I mean, food! :)


jFLASHj said...

I gotta stop there the next time I am up that way.

The Wine Whore said...

It's really not your typical 'restaurant' but definitely worth a stop! :)


Nerd said...

OMG - the sweet potato fries are to die for and the pistachio milk shake is a great way to coat your stomach after one too many tastings. Drooling in my chair just thinking about it. I had no idea they made the wine they sell there. So cool - great post!

Joeshico said...

You are going to have to stop doing this to me Randy. There is only so much room on the rack and you keep coming up with new inovative ways to keep me adding on. The Zin review was OK and probably wouldn't have sold me on running out to buy, but now I am not going to be able to face some of my favorite burgers without thinking Joel Gott Zin.

The Wine Whore said...

Nerd/Joe - As I stared off at the picture of the pulled pork sandwich, I found myself waking up from a flashback... covered in drool! Next to In-N-Out burger, this place rocks! Not to mention the Zin... :)


wholoveswine said...

Thank Gott for those patio heaters in the winter . . but it wouldn't be a trip to Napa without a stop at Taylor's Refresher . . . and Dean & Deluca, but that's another post . .


The Wine Whore said...

Ah, yes! Dean & Deluca... how could I forget! :)

I'll look forward to reading more about your post on DND!


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