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"How's it go again?
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Recently, I was asked to do something I had never done before. I am a real creature of habit. I frequent the same places to eat, order the same thing, and rarely try anything different (except for wine of course!)

Pretty boring, eh?

My wine tasting routine falls into a similar monotony. I pick a bottle, open it, and enjoy it to completion before retiring for the day. Last week, I have to admit that I could feel the anxiety building when I was asked to veer away from this routine as part of a pre-release taste test.

The ground rules...

Instead of just opening a bottle and drinking it up in one night, I was instructed to open the bottle, drink only ONE glass, and then let it waste away on my counter overnight.

I was shocked and even a bit appalled!

First of all, how do you expect me to have enough self control to only drink one glass? Second of all, how could you ask me to ruin wine like this by letting it sit out overnight and then expect me to enjoy it the next day?

It just didn't make any sense.

When the night arrived, I followed my orders as instructed (although I did indulge in a second glass, shhh...don't tell anyone) before laying the bottle to rest for the night.

Let me just say that my instinct was right. However, instead of being disappointed, I was pleasantly surprised. The wine tasted much different after a night of relaxation and much to my surprise, it actually tasted BETTER!

This got me thinking... is it possible that I am missing out by not experiencing wine in more than one sitting? I stopped to think about a conversation we had on An Education for 'Dumb Wine'.

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Although most Wine Whores can't bear the thought of letting a bottle sit overnight, there is a way us wine lovers can have our cake and eat it too! I did a little research and found a product that will aerate wine on a per glass basis...

It is called the Decantus and unlike banishing a bottle overnight, it allows a glass of wine to quickly decant. There are a lot of similar products but I am particularly fond of this decanting device because it allows the wine to travel the fastest without a "whirlpool effect". This is a plus because it means I don't have to sit around waiting for my wine to decant. This allows me to dig in to my glass of wine much faster! It also claims a 14% better aeration rate which means I don't have to let the bottle rot overnight before experienced a day of rest.

Scientific Explanation

"The Bernoulli effect (first derived in 1738 by Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli) states, the pressure in a stream of fluid is reduced as the speed of flow is increased. The reduced pressure caused by the velocity of the poured wine flowing past the twin, thin diagonal capillary tubes inside the DECANTUS� pulls more oxygenated air into the wine itself. This does not upset the wine but makes it much friendlier to the entire human olfactory (smell/taste) system."

My Explanation

More air helps the wine breathe... although not all wines may benefit from this process, you owe it to yourself to find out. My recommendation is to always taste a glass when you first open the bottle. Then, decant the wine to see how it changes (if at all). I like the Decantus because it doesn't force me to decant the whole bottle. Plus it looks really cool which is a plus for when I want to impress my friends with my intimidating arsenal of wine gadgets! :)

Get yourself one today and start experiencing another side to your wine that you may not have ever seen before! Click to decant quickly!

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corkdorksramblings said...

One of the greatest things about young wine -- I found the '05 Pomerols did this particularly well -- is seeing how the bottle changes over a period of days. I opened one that I had a glass of each night at the same time for 5 days in a row, and charted the change; it got really good on day 3.

The Wine Whore said...

It goes against what I would normally believe but you are absolutely right!

Even after five days? That's impressive!

Shelly said...

A better solution for the experiment would be to have 2 bottles. Open them at the same time, drink one, and then try the other the next day. Would have been a little easier for your "routine"...Just saying.

The Wine Whore said...

I totally agree! Unfortunately, I was only given one bottle :( The worst part was that I finished it fairly early into the evening on day 2. I had drank too much to warrant opening another bottle but still wanted one more glass.


Kort said...

Shelly makes a good point, but by pouring some of the wine out, you actually get more surface area for the air to work on.

It is ironic that you post this now. I was just thinking of suggesting you review the Vinturi aerator. I have one that I use for my reds and it opens them up quite nicely (no whirlpool either). The Decantus is rather stylish though, I must admit. They have one for whites now, but that seems like a marketing gimmick to me.

Shelly said...

FYI. I gave you an award and yet some more link love. Just couldn't see leaving you out:)

The Wine Whore said...

Hello Kort!

That is really funny! Great minds think alike, eh? :) I don't know about the decanter for white wines... I have to agree that seems like a marketing gimmick. Anyone else have any experience with this one?

Shelly- You are always so good to me! Thank you for the link love... I'll cruise over to wineatfive.net right now to check it out! To anyone who hasn't visited Shelly's site, you are missing out! :)


The Buddhist Conservative said...

A young tannic red might benifit from aeration but the idea of leaving a bottle open over night brings a level of oxydation to the wine you cannot match without time.

The younger the wine, the more it can benifit from a little oxydation. Old wine can be ruined after a few hours of being uncorked. White wine tends to show oxydation faster than red.

We have tested several aeration devices and while they help some wine, you can do the same thing with two cheap carafs by pouring from one into the other a few times with the same effect.


Robin said...

We love the Vinturi and use it for every bottle of wine we open - red or white. In our store we demonstrate the difference to our customers by showing them how the wine tastes before and after passing through the Vinturi. It is a great gift for an impatient wine drinker who can't wait for a bottle to decant or a wine maker who doesn't want to wait for their wine to age.

The Wine Whore said...

Robin, that is definitely me... impatient wine drinker! :) Aeration definitely adds another element to the wine that is worth at least taking a moment to explore.


The Wine Whore said...

Good points Buddhist! There are many ways to decant... but this little contraption looks impressive! :)


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