Wise Wine Review:

Veraison Stagecoach Vineyard Napa Valley Synchrony 2004 (click for more info)
Taste Score = 9.5/10 Points
Enjoyability Score = 9.5/10 Points
Overall Score = 8.4/10 Points (Additional stats below)

As part of this week's theme of Price versus Quality, I decided to switch things up. Instead of choosing a wine that costs less than $20 as this week's Wise Wine selection, I chose one that I found to be exceptional in every other way. Although this wine is not cheap, it is the best relatively reasonably priced red blend that I have tasted yet (it just wouldn't be fair to compare this bottle to a $400 bottle of Opus One).

The wine: Veraison

Definition: Veraison, a viticultural term referring to the crucial time during ripening when the grapes' skin color deepens from an opaque green to a dark purple.

The vineyards are what make this wine so amazing... as always, good wine comes from exceptional grapes:

"Owned by Dr. Jan Krupp and his brother Bart. The Estates are comprised of
three different vineyards: Stagecoach, Krupp, and Krupp Brothers. These
vineyards are the sources for their three brands: Veraison, Black Bart and the
Krupp Brothers Estates black and gold label.

Stagecoach Vineyard is located on the South side of Pritchard Hill overlooking
Oakville. The red, volcanic soils are laden with both basalt and tufa. The grapes
are sourced from our rockiest hillside blocks delivering intensity and multiple
layers of flavor. One of the blocks is planted to the See Clone which is a
delicious, distinctive, historic clone of Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from a Napa
vineyard once owned by Mr. See of See�s candy."

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Vintage Info:
"A winter with plentiful rainfall was followed by a warm spring resulting in an
early bud break. A warm and occasionally hot summer continued to speed vine
growth. Fall heat spells required patience and water to achieve optimal hang
time, complex flavors, as well as the ripeness and power found in great vintages." �Veraison

Recommended Food Pairing:
This wine is so delicious, you could pair it with anything (well... almost anything) and still love it! From steak, pork, to hot dogs... this wine is sure to offer an amazing experience. Just make sure not to forget to share a glass before finishing the entire bottle.

Producer: Veraison
Vintage: 2004
Varietal: 44% Cabernet Franc, 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Malbec, 6% Merlot
Appellation: Stagecoach Vineyard, Napa Valley
Residual Sugar: N/A
pH: 3.97
Production: 1,183 cases
Alcohol %: 14.8
Aging: Matured 18 months in 85% new French oak barriques-Taransaud & Bossuet
Cost: $65/bottle (Get your own bottle!)

Wine Whore Score:

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My Synchronous Sensory Experience...

To the eye:
Dark ruby red shines brilliantly like a priceless gem.

To the nose:
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL breathtaking mix of cherries and plums wrapped in a blanket of leather.

On the tongue:
Very light and smooth in contrast with its blossoming bouquet. Every sip reveals an alter ego of character. 100% Enjoyable from first sip to last drop.

This is one of those unique wines that can't be described justly using words. You must try it yourself to fully experience all of the dimensions of flavors and essence trapped in the confines of its bottle.

This wine is my new favorite red blend...

With one taste, you'll know exactly why Veraison earns every bit of its 9.5 for taste and enjoyability!

Get yourself a bottle and experience its magnificence firsthand!


Interested in tasting this wine?
Click here to get your own bottle!

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david said...

Krupp Family make exceptional wines under several labels. Try Black Bart Marsanne, it is scrumptious. We just opened a bottle of it with friends last Thursday

The Wine Whore said...

Hello David! Yes, seem to have some great wines in their arsenal... I have been especially intrigued by their Black Bart Marsanne! Any interesting food pairings you would recommend?


Kort said...

Sounds divine, but for $65 it will probably have to be a gift, or something I try at a wine tasting! ;']

The Wine Whore said...

It was incredible! This was one of the few bottles I could honestly say is worth the cost... You have to let me know if you find it at a tasting! I'll keep my eyes out for it as well.


Joeshico said...

I've always prefered good blends to single grape wines. Faves include Rioja and Chianti. My fave red blend though is the Marlstone from Clos du Bois and I will gladly stretch my dollar for anything that good. This sounds like one of them and I will be on the lookout. Thanks again, Randy.

The Wine Whore said...

Joe, you have reminded me again of my love for Clos du Bois! Marlstone is an excellent red blend. I think we have very similar tastes in wine... you will definitely enjoy this one too! :) We have to get together and share a bottle soon.


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