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Wine Whore Review:

How did wine play a role in your life this weekend?

The sun sets over another great wine weekend!

As a tribute to all of the other 'wine whores' of the world I would like to invite you to share your weekend wine story with me.

Here's your chance to share YOUR story...
  • Did you drink an expensive bottle from your wish list?
  • Maybe you finally opened that special bottle that was tucked away for years?
  • Perhaps you discovered a new favorite wine or varietal?
  • Or did you just have fun relaxing with a cool glass in the sun?

Tell me your weekend wine story in the comment section below and I'll recap and respond to it in next week's review. (See last week's entries below)

The comments are moderated to reduce SPAM so don't be discouraged if your story doesn't appear immediately.

Randy Watson (a.k.a. The Wine Whore)

Here's the wrap-up from last weekend: (my responses are in red)

Anonymous said...
    Well I'm in love with the Trentadue 05 Old Patch Red and since it went on sale at World Market for around $13 I picked up three...expecting to save them for the weekends. Instead we proceeded to drink a bottle Thurs, Fri and Sat! I can't say enough good things about this wine and we even visited the winery two years ago and they were fantastic. Oh well....guess I'll just have to get back to World Market before the sale is over.

    Wino is Queen Creek, AZ

    I always love finding good deals on my favorite wines... but this still pales in comparison to DRINKING my favorite wine nightly! :)


Shona Milne said...
    Went to the Grand Opening of Northwest Cellars Tasting Room. Great wines, great prices! Also went to a Lachini Vineyards tasting at Willows Lodge. Love those Oregon Pinots. My fav was the 2007 Lachini Vineyards Pinot Noir Cuvee'Giselle. Light color but a big flavor. Still writing everything up.

    Thank you Shona! For more great Washington/Oregon wine info, check out the site Woodinville Wine Update.


Debbie Stertz said...
    I went to The Italian Festival in Kansas City Mo area at The Zona Rosa Mall. It was all weekend and after deciding that I really like peach bellini's and buying my second annual shirt, I left very satisfied.
    If you want to read more, here is my link to the

    Always good to see you Debbie! I really enjoy reading your articles! No matter where you live, us winos all seem to have one thing in common... we enjoy any festival where we can meet other wine lovers and enjoy a good glass of vino!


Anonymous said...
    Vintage Indiana in Indianapolis. Wineries from all over the state. Some wonderful finds. Perfect weather, good friends, good conversation all topped off my a tasty meal and one more glass of wine.

    That's what it's all about! Although I have never tried any wine from Indy, I think I may be missing out!


Sebastian Saint said...
    Enjoyed a bottle of Chateau Ksara 2003, Bekaa Valley at the Ilili Restairant in NYC. This rich, earthy and smokey wine from Lebanon went nicely with the Lebanese food. Also had a bottle of Orlando Abrigo Barbera D`alba Vigna Roreto 2006 at home with some grilled lamb and chicken over risotto. It's been a nice weekend...


    Hello Sebastian! This sounds like another epic wine weekend in NY! You sure know how to eat and drink well... I think I am a little jealous! For great NYC dining information be sure to check out Sebastian Saint's New York City Restaurant Guide.


Andrea Faria said...
    Went to freezing ass cold Mendocino Mountains to go camping with bible thumping side of the family... forgot ALL (and desperately needed) wine at home... had to settle for $5 "something from Sonoma County" at the only place that sells ANYTHING in Stonyford... it was 35 degrees outside that night... but that $5 bottle made the trip totally worth it...

    I know exactly how you feel! I have been caught in all too many situations where I just absolutely NEEDED a glass of wine. Always does the trick!


kirk.alexander said...
    Whoa, what a wine weekend! Best ever for me! I hosted a wine dinner at Palm Beach Grill, Palm Beach friday night. Thank god for no corkage!
    - 1994 Dominus (tasted like a first growth!)
    - 2003 La Sirena (sublime, BRAVO Heidi Barrett)
    - 2003 Macauley (pleasant surprise, fruit forward)
    - 2005 Parallel (more structured and balanced, drank too early)
    - 1996 Chat Rieussec
    What a hell of a wine dinner. Good company, good wine, good food... in that order!

    Sunday was the surprise wine dinner that I hadn't anticipated. A good foodie called Saturday and wanted to do his birthday dinner at Cafe Rustico Italiano in Lake Worth FL... said to bring my "A game." By the way, this is the best genuine Italian food outside Italy... nuff said.
    I brought
    - 2002 Joseph Phelps Insignia (blockbuster)
    - 2003 Araujo Estate Eisele (painful to open... like ripping up a mickey mantle baseball card)

    He brought
    - 2005 Shrader T6 (better than Harlan)
    - 2005 Lewis Reserve

    A friend brought a 2005 Caymus, and it was left to the last... how in the hell can a Caymus be the "also ran" wine at a dinner? Thats how good this dinner was.

    Best weekend of my wine life.

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Not only did you drink some amazing wine, but probably also some of the best food in Florida! You know you are doing some serious drinking when a bottle of Caymus is treated as if it came in a box. :)


drinkwhatyoulike said...
    Stayed at the Beach (Virginia Beach) for Sand Soccer weekend. Drank a bottle of Maysara Pinot Noir and watched the sunset on the balcony of the hotel...

    Virginia Beach is a blast! There's something about drinking a bottle over a nice sunset... perfect pairing! I love getting a buzz while watching the beautiful luminosity of the sun fade away the day.


joeshico said...
    Had very boring week-end. Very busy re-modeling my basement and helping daughter with her new fixer-upper. No new wines til Monday.

    http://bit.ly/XXlGG Heron Hill Eclipse

    Next week though; VACATION. Seneca Wine Trail on Tuesday and New York City on Friday.

    I always enjoy reading your reviews. I encourage everyone to stop by and spend some time with Joe. I can't wait to hear about your vacation... may it be filled with excellent wine, good friends, and loads of fun!


Thank you all sharing your wine stories with me and all of the other wine lovers who are out there! Keep 'em coming!


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_sweetjane said...

I was off this weekend so decided to stay home. I stayed in yesterday watching movies. Opened up a bottle of Columbia Crest Two Vines Cabernet Sauvignon. It was okay, had better. Going to finish it tonight.:)

David Coleman said...

I did my book signing yesterday and combined it with a friend's 60th bday and also a wine tasting. We had:

White Cottage Ranch (Howell Mt.)Sangiovese 2000
Lewis Wines - Alec's Blend 2000
Ceago - unoaked Chardonnay - Lake County 2007
Rosenblum - Rousanne - 2004
O'Brien Family Vineyards - Seduction 2003

There were about 70 people at the event over 5 hours. Not everyone drank wine, but those that did finished the bottles I opened. I had the rest of a case from my cellar available, but never needed to open it.

Top Aussie Tones said...

I had the latest Dr Loosen Riesling, just a lovely wine, wonderfully aromatics, a seductively sweet fruit palate and a dry crisp finish and a so so Cabernet Merlot from the Brands family in the Coonawarra.. it was good for the money asked

Jasmine F said...

Our neighbors purchased 120 bottles of different wines before moving here from Italy a few years back. They have been so great in sharing their stash with us, knowing I'm a wine whore. I can't pronounce any of them because they are all in Italian, but I have never had better wines either! And come to find out, they are all the cheap brands: ) This weekend we sampled Sovrana and Principe Di Corleone. Thank God for great neighbors, and even greater wine!!

Sebastian Saint said...

This weekend's wine adventures with friends: Few(more than six but who is counting...)bottles of Paumanok Dry Rose with BBQ meats and Paumanok Vin Rose with appetizers and cheese selection. These will also go great with your clam bake or a nice picnic basket on the beach, in the park or anywhere you can find a sunny spot...

I know we are fortunate to live in NYC with such abundance of good food, drinks and friends but we never take it for granted, not even a minute of it...


Sebastian Saint

joeshico said...

Anything but boring. Dad-in-law in VA hospital for a while. May have to change vacation plans.
Did find a 'sweet' red that was drinkable and an organic Cab/Sav from California that's pretty nice.

Anonymous said...

My wife had a 54th birthday this weekend with a friend of hers. We had 4 couples celebrating the 2 birthdays so I decided to bring out a special bottle - a 2001 O'Brien Estate Merlot 3L that I had been saving. This was the first large format bottle I have ever drunk. I had always heard that large formats age at 1/x the rate of a 750ML, where x is the number of 750s to fill the large format bottle. I had recently had an O'Brien Estate 2001 Merlot 750ML, so I was curious as to the comparison.
At first, the wine from the 3L seemed slightly acidic and I was less than impressed. But then it started opening up in the glass and in the bottle, and by the second glass it had transformed into an amazing wine. I was impressed with the 3L format, which by the way, came with a wax capsule. The secret to opening a bottle with a wax closure is to ignore the wax - just put a corkscrew straight through it and pop off the wax. If you try to cut it off, you will likely cut your thumb in the process.

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