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Wine Whore Review:

How did wine play a role in your life this weekend?

Sierra Mar Sunset
The sun sets over another great wine weekend!

As a tribute to all of the other 'wine whores' of the world I would like to invite you to share your weekend wine story with me.

Here's your chance to share YOUR story...

  • Did you drink an expensive bottle from your wish list?
  • Maybe you finally opened that special bottle that was tucked away for years?
  • Perhaps you discovered a new favorite wine or varietal?
  • Or did you just have fun relaxing with a cool glass in the sun?

Tell me your weekend wine story in the comment section below and I'll recap and respond to it in next week's review. (See last week's entries below)

The comments are moderated to reduce SPAM so don't be discouraged if your story doesn't appear immediately.

Randy Watson (a.k.a. The Wine Whore)

Here's the wrap-up from last weekend: (my responses are in red)

Clifford stacked the deck his favor by cracking open a can of foie gras which went surprisingly well with the white Bordeaux his wife had chosen. 60% Semillion and 40% Sauvignon Blanc. Slightly chilled wine on this 80 degree day was absolutely wonderful.

There's nothing better than a great Bordeaux, tasty food, and spending time with those we love! Cheers!

David spent the weekend in Napa Valley with friends that were in town. They visited Vineyard 29 & Revenna. Harlan had a vertical. I tasted Roy Estate 2006's--their Cab & Prop Red, Etude 2001 Cab, ZD 2002 Reserve, Hidden Ridge 2005 Cabernet.... So plenty of expensive wine.

Although I have visited with my wife, I have yet to take a tour of Napa with a group of friends... this is #1 on my Bucket List. Maybe we could meet up sometime and do a tasting? Anyone else want to join?

TJ Ciaravino had a few bottles of Joseph Phelps as they sat around and decided to grab tickets to Dave Matthews at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA (9/19/09).

Dave Matthews is one of my favorite live music acts. I have seen him many times but my favorite was a couple of years at Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. If you haven't seen Dave, grab a bottle and check it out... it is an experience you will never forget.

Devon Zimny went to the Lodi Zinfest! It was HOT! Regardless of the heat they had a great relaxing day (daughter was with grandma). Enjoying wine always makes for a great weekend :)

I really wish I could have made it to the Lodi Zinfest. There are so many amazing wines from this area. The thought of being able to taste them all would make it completely worthwhile, regardless of the heat.

The Fabulous Ford Family was awaiting the return of her hubby's boat (he's military) and made a wonderful wine friend in the process. They laughed, cried, enjoyed great music, and even took a couple what-was-I-doing? photos. When we finally realized it was 2 a.m. we decided it was time to call it a night.

Military has a special place in my heart. Here's a toast to you, your new wine friends, and everyone else who risks their lives supporting a good cause.

Mark from NJ visited 7 different Virginia wineries...Found one that blew his mind with the quality of their offerings...Great wines with dinner with great friends!

Isn't it magical how a great day of wine, food, and friends makes the world just seem right? Next time I am in Virginia, Mark and I need to hang out and drink some great vino! :)

joeshico was going to give some kind of story, but couldn�t compete for with "The Fabulous Ford Family� Being ex-military, he knows how much down time means when waiting for a loved one to come home.

Joe, thank you for saying this! You are not only a great wine whore... but also a great person! I am glad to have you as a friend. Anyone who hasn't visited Joe's site needs to stop by and check him out at: http://www.whywineblog.com

From Bottle to Box went to School Bus Figure 8 Races and Demolition Derby followed by a Wine Cube Sauvignon Blanc. Americana!!

I have to admit that aside from wine, I really enjoy watching cars get smashed. There's only one word to describe this: awesome!

Thank you all sharing your wine stories with me and all of the other wine lovers who are out there! Keep 'em coming!


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Alison said...

Hello love,

Wine didn't play a role in my weekend (tears fall on keyboard). Let me tell you, I am keeping my list of your top pics and when my brain/body are healed from the accident I intend to throw myself a GOOD AND PHAT Wine Whore Party!!!!!

Where are you? If you are near DC you are invited!


Shane said...

I found a new blend - Shiraz (50%), Grenache (30%) and Cabernet (20%) labled as Vat 54 from a new winery Graham Stevens Wines. See my blog update on this.

Mark from NJ said...

Had a great dinner last night in Richmond, Va. that was complemented by some really good Gewurtz and Pinot Blance from Alsace..Earlier had some really good rose from Loire...and still have 2 more days to go in this holiday weekend.Enjoy all!

jFLASHj said...

Made homemade BBQ sauce last night. Poached some chicken breasts for 8 minutes then finished them on the grill with my sauce. Opened 2006 Kosta Browne Rose. Yum! but pricey!

joeshico said...

Unfortunately, my wife's 'Honey Do' list was quite extensive.
Fortunately, all she wanted done was the walls painted in our newly refinished basement.
Unfortunately, there were many walls.
Fortunately, I came up with the idea of having a glass of wine after each wall was finished.
Unfortunately, the last few walls did not come out too well.
Fortunately, I have plenty of wine for the next try.
Unfortunately, my wife locked up the wine until the walls are finished correctly.
Anyway, it's a great holiday weekend.
Happy Memorial Day Randy and too all of our American heroes, the men and women of our Armed Forces.

TXcellardweller said...

How did wine play a role in my life this weekend, well I shared a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc with a friend last night and tonight it was a California Cab. Wine although a part of most weekends is far better enjoyed with someone. however tonight it�s drinking a glass of wine solo, for wine is always the friend when people have let you down, And solitude the reward for always being right. One thing I have learned is wine may let you down occasionally, however people let you down far too often.

vinosseur said...

Hello Randy!

Yes, I have a weekend wine story!

I have tasted many Prosecco's and have come to expect a light, sparkly, slightly sweet refresher. From what I have read, the attributes of the Prosecco grape are "slightly sweet, with a bitter after taste". Thus far, all the Prosecco's I have tasted have had this "slightly sweet" characteristic.
Well, this weekend I was invited to a friend's for dinner. This friend also happens to be a new importer of wine into Norway. He has been waiting to introduce me to this Prosecco that he was considering importing. He pulled out a "regualar" Valdobiadene Prosecco and a Cartizze Prosecco from this producer. I had an epiphany!

I have never tasted such well-made Prosecco!
Silvano Follador's Proseccos are aromatic, super concentrated and close to bone-dry! The Cartizze had less than 3 grams of sugar and such high acidity that the wine seemed to have even less than this!
I never knew that Prosecco could be so serious. This weekend was a weekend that introduced me to the way Prosecco should be, and it has really changed my opinion about this bubbly wine from the Veneto!

Cheers Randy!

Lorenzo Bolognini said...

Was drinking Grignolino, a little known wine from Pidemont...

drinkwhatyoulike said...

Role Wine Played in Weekend = Grilled fish tacos + bottle of Carabella Chardonnay that I picked up at a wine maker tasting last week + sitting on the deck with my wife relaxing + perfect weather.

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