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Wine Whore Review:

How did wine play a role in your life this weekend?

Sierra Mar Sunset
The sun sets over another great wine weekend!

As a tribute to all of the other 'wine whores' of the world I would like to invite you to share your weekend wine story with me.

Here's your chance to share YOUR story...

  • Did you drink an expensive bottle from your wish list?
  • Maybe you finally opened that special bottle that was tucked away for years?
  • Perhaps you discovered a new favorite wine or varietal?
  • Or did you just have fun relaxing with a cool glass in the sun?

    Tell me your weekend wine story in the comment section below. The best story will be selected to be featured in an upcoming review.

    The comments are moderated to reduce SPAM so don't be discouraged if your story doesn't appear immediately.

    Randy Watson (a.k.a. The Wine Whore)

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    Kathy Howe said...

    Wine Festivals are a mixed bag. You get to sample lots of wine, but you also must endure crowds of people.

    The Lodi Zin Fest is a popular event held every year at a local lake in Lodi. It's a great setting with wineries, food booths, cooking demos, wine lectures from winemakers, and live music.

    During the middle of the day when the lines at the tasting booths were the longest, I headed to the winemaker lectures. Insider Tip: You sit down in a shaded tent and servers bring wine and food to you while you sip and listen to the winemakers talk about their wine. I tasted some great Zins and learned some things as well!

    A great way to survive the first day of over 100 degree weather....

    Miguel Lecuona said...

    Well, it was a climactic week for me here in Bordeaux. I am an American, finishing up a study program in BDX, and this was my final week here. I set up and hosted friends from Philadelphia to show them the best of Bordeaux. It has been a fateful week, from tragedy to triumph. We witnessed hailstorms in Margaux and St Emilion, and drove through devastated vineyards with the winemaker of Chateau Ausone as he explained the surprise, the damage and the options they faced for dealing with this calamity. We visited Chateau Lafite Rothschild, where they surprised and blew us away by opening and serving us a 1995 vintage bottle from a candle-lit table in their large barrel room. And to cap it off, none other than the finance director at Chateau YQuem took us around the 15th century castle & grounds without an appointment.

    Bordeaux is changing. They recognize the crisis, and they are opening themselves to the world. For those who are willing to make the trip, it will be an unforgettable experience. And all part of the journey.

    Kort said...

    No story this weekend, sorry. Just enjoyed a bottle or two with the wife, while sitting on the back porch, gazing at our little lake.

    The Wine Whore said...

    Kort, that's as good a story as any!

    From Lodi to Bordeaux... sounds like there was some great wine tasted this weekend!

    Keep 'em coming, I love reading them!

    Randy Watson

    Anonymous said...

    Bought three bottles of red. One was from this province and reasonably priced. Thought I would drink that first, just in case it was really good and needed to rush out and buy more before it sold out (it happens to me every time). Well, there was no need to worry. It was way too acidic. So I opened one of the other three, hoping the first would just need to air. The second was an old stand-by. For some reason, it too was way over my acceptable acidic taste. Then I got to wondering...has my palate changed? So I let this one sit and air, while I stewed and wondered and waited. Didn't even bother to cook dinner as no one was home, so had leftovers. These too were uninspiring. So went through as much of bottle 2 as I could to chase the leftovers down.

    Then I really needed a sipping wine for after dinner so uncorked at S. African Cab/Sauv and right away the oak, meaty berry flavours eschewed forth like an old pair of comfy shoes. Saved the weekend.


    jFLASHj said...

    I did get to taste 5 Wines at my local Wine shop. My reviews will be posted soon.

    jerome Shaw said...

    On Friday I went to a wine tasting event at the Hinterland Art Space - http://www.sabinaell.com/hinterland - a very eclectic gallery space in Denver. I ran into several friends from my LoDo neighborhood while enjoying wines from South Africa and the pot luck foods. Special kudos to Heather for her white chocolate bread. I am not sure what wine goes with white chocolate bread but must say I don't care.

    While there was not the normal variety of wines to try there were some I quite enjoyed.

    South African wine tasting favorites:

    Herding Cats-Cab/Shiraz

    My favorites are inexpensive and fairly big & broad. The Fairvalley was a bit surprisingly my favorite.

    Denver is fortunate to have these monthly wine tastings at revolving locations to help educate us and bring a nice social focus to our weekend wine



    Clifford said...

    I stacked the deck in my favor.

    My wife, who is French, accompanied me to Beverages and More (BevMo). One benefit of being married to a Frenchie: built-in French wine library.

    She thinks, rightly so, that French wines cost too much here in the US. But within minutes, she had picked out several great bottles of French wine for under $10.

    This afternoon, we cracked open a can of foie gras which went surprisingly well with the white Bordeaux she had chosen. 60% semillion and 40% sauvignon blanc. Slightly chilled wine on this 80 degree day was absolutely wonderful.

    David said...

    Spent the weekend in Napa Valley... Friends were in town and they visited Vineyard 29 & Revenna. Harlan had a vertical. I tasted Roy Estate 2006's--their Cab & Prop Red, Etude 2001 Cab, ZD 2002 Reserve, Hidden Ridge 2005 Cabernet.... So plenty of expensive wine.
    Dinner at Bottega & Redd in Yountville and Zuzu in Napa. Balloons each morning, some heat in the afternoon.

    TJ Ciaravino said...

    Friday night we had a few bottles of Joseph Phelps as we sat around and decided to grab tickets to Dave Matthews at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA (9/19/09).

    Devon Zimny said...

    We went to the Lodi Zinfest also! It was HOT! The lines definitely got long as the day went on. I enjoyed tasting some of Lodi's wine. We live outside of Sacramento, but have never wine tasted in Lodi. We had a great relaxing day (daughter was with grandma). Enjoying wine always makes for a great weekend :)

    The Fabulous Ford Family said...

    I'm awaiting the return of my hubby's boat (he's military) and have made a wonderful wine friend in the process. Saturday evening we set the kids up with a movie and set ourselves up with a few cheap favorites under the Key West sunset. We laughed, we cried, we enjoyed great music, and even took a couple what-was-I-doing? photos. When we finally realized it was 2 a.m. we decided it was time to call it a night. It may sound uneventful, but with life so crazy in every other department, sometimes uneventful is all I need: )

    Mark from NJ said...

    Visited 7 different Virginia wineries...Found one that blew my mind with the quality of their offerings...Great wines with dinner with great friends!

    Mark from NJ said...

    Great weekend which included visiting 7 different Virginia wineries...Great dinners with great wines with great friends..Linden Vineyards was amazing..check it out!

    joeshico said...

    Was going to give some kind of story, but can't compete for with "The Fabulous Ford Family"
    Being ex-military, I know how much down time means when waiting for a loved one to come home.

    From Bottle to Box said...

    School Bus Figure 8 Races and Demolition Derby followed by a Wine Cube Sauvignon Blanc. Americana!!

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