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My empty shipping container collection

If there is one thing you can't leave home without, it's a good bottle (or five) of wine. When I go out to party or dine with friends, I make sure to bring plenty of wine to share. After all, what kind of Wine Whore would I be if I didn't have a bottle of wine readily available for any occasion?

How do I safely and easily transport multiple bottles of precious wine at a time?

My preferred method employs one of the many cardboard and styrofoam shipping containers laying around from wine that I have received in the mail...

Serves up to eight people

While this works great for red wine, it is not so good for transporting whites. Despite the fact that many people like their white wine only slightly chilled, I enjoy my whites deeply chilled and frosty cold. I am always paranoid the white wine will warm up before I get a chance to enjoy a glass at that perfectly frosty temperature.

Solution: What if there was a way to keep the bottles cold without lugging around a cooler?

If you are like me, you are probably sick of seeing this sleeved blanket. You may have even broken down and purchased one of your own. This blanket will not help you transport wine but there is a Snuggler for wine that will keep it cool, protected and looking sharp...

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These handmade wine carriers are as fashionable as they are useful. They are insulated between the lining and the front fabric so that the wine you are taking to a party stays the same temp as when it left your cooler. It has a convenient strap for easy transportation and best of all they are made from the highest quality machine washable cotton fabric so they will last forever!

These bags are a great way to gift a bottle of wine. Every Wine Snuggler made is a limited edition, as only 2 to 4 Wine Snuggler�s are made of the same fabric! You can also request specific colors and themes for your fabric.

These Snugglers are great for holidays, birthdays, or just carrying around a bottle of wine on the go!

Now I'll be able to bring white wine everywhere I go!

Want more fun wine accessories?

Check out my gift recommendations for summer, pet lovers and Earth day.

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Kort said...

Great idea for shipping wine.
I'd like to see USPS to break a bottle if it were in one of those! (Actually, I wouldn't, that would be sacriledge)

Kort said...

..and I like the snuggler too. :)

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