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The contenders have been chosen...

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I need your help deciding which bottle of white wine to taste and review this week!

Since last week's Battle of the Reds went so well, I decided to make this week's poll a sequel showcasing the opposing vaiertal. Included in the rumble are three great examples of Chardonnay and one interesting blend of three different grapes.

Check out the short reviews of these wines below, and then choose the one you want me to drink next by voting in the poll located at the top of this page. The winning wine will be announced, tasted and featured in a review.

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Be sure to follow me on twitter or facebook Wednesday night @ 6:30m pm ET for my tweets as I open and taste the wine that you have picked. This is your chance to ask me questions or just get a sneak peak at my review. The more the merrier, so tell all of your wine loving friends to stop by, vote, and join the party. In the meantime, take a minute to mark your calendar with next week�s tasting (Wednesday @ 6:30pm ET) and then prepare yourself for the fun by checking out the previous winners.


And the contenders are...

1) Sonoma Creek Sonoma County Chardonnay 2006

"This classic Sonoma County Chardonnay has an excellent combination of fruit and round silky barrel qualities. Inviting aromas of ripe peaches, apple and other tropical notes are followed by a slight scent of vanilla and butterscotch. It�s crisp and refreshing with delightful flavors of citrus and a rich, buttery, toasted oak finish which coats the mouth providing a long, lingering finish." -Sonoma Creek

2) Matthiasson Napa Valley White Wine 2007

"This wine is a new-world conception of a mythical ideal old-world wine�a California wine with a spiritual connection to Friuli, Italy and Graves, France.

The wine is a blend of Sauvignon blanc, Ribolla gialla, and Semillon. The Sauvignon blanc brings a clean fresh citrusy acidity. The Ribolla gialla gives a unique minerality, spice, and structure to the blend. The Semillon contributes viscosity and the ripe fig and beeswax character that adds gravity and weight. " -Matthiasson

3) Truchard Vineyards Carneros Napa Valley Chardonnay 2007

"Chardonnay is planted throughout the southern part of the Truchard Estate Vineyard. The various marine soils and cooler temperatures make the Carneros region ideal for growing Chardonnay. Grapes are harvested cold then whole cluster pressed. The wine is barrel fermented in French oak, and aged on the lees for 10 months. These techniques produce a complex, full-bodied wine with a delicate structure." -Truchard

4) Raymond Burr Sonoma California Chardonnay 2007

"Golden yellow in color. Lemon and citrus in the nose. Crisp, clean mouth feel. Citrus, pear and a hint of green apple flavors with a creamy lingering finish. 100% barrel fermented and 100% malolactic fermentation. Great food wine." ~ Phyllis Zouzounis, Winemaker

(Read more wine reviews and info at The Wine Whore)

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mommyto2 said...

I'm going with the Raymond Burr. Hope it's a great week for you...but how could it NOT?

ribbie said...

Perry Mason was one of my favorite shows so how could I not go with the Raymond Burr?

The Wine Whore said...

I was really suprised to learn about his orchids! Pretty cool stuff!

Thank you all for your support! :)

Kort said...

Well, call me a lemming. Raymond! ;']

Mike said...

Truchard.....it should be TRUly what a CHARdonnay should be!

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