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The contenders have been chosen...

After the last week's Which White Will Win and the Battle of the Reds, I decided to try something new...

Wine Time
For this week's poll, I selected four varietals from a single winery: Optima Cellars. As you may already know, I am particularly fond of wineries that have a fun or interesting backstory. I chose this winery because I love the story behind how wine brought Mike and Nicol together:

"Nicol and her son Tyler moved to Healdsburg where her son tried out for a traveling soccer team. Mike was the coach. Mike picked Tyler and so the three of them traveled quite a bit. One night she invited Mike to dinner and pulled out a bottle of Optima Russian River Chardonnay.

Mike explained to her that, that was his winery and he made that wine. Well she knew she had to marry him so in 2001 Mike and Nicol and the four boys married at a winery in Healdsburg.

Today, Mike along with his wife Nicol and four boys celebrate Optima Winery's twentieth year, while continuing the tradition of producing premium world class wines."

Ok, now on to my favorite part... drinking wine!

I have included the writeup of each of the Optima wines below. Choose your favorite varietal for me to drink by voting in the poll located at the top of this page. The winning wine will be announced, tasted and featured in a review.

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Be sure to follow me on twitter or facebook Wednesday night @ 6:30m pm ET for my tweets as I open and taste the wine that you have picked. This is your chance to ask me questions or just get a sneak peak at my review. The more the merrier, so tell all of your wine loving friends to stop by, vote, and join the party. In the meantime, take a minute to mark your calendar with next week�s tasting (Wednesday @ 6:30pm ET) and then prepare yourself for the fun by checking out the previous winners.


And the contenders are...

1) Optima Dry Creek Valley Sonoma Unfiltered Zinfandel 2005

This wonderful Zinfandel was produced from fruit grown in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County's premier appellation for this variety. Its layers of generous bright fruit aromas and deep , rich, ripe mouthfilling Zinfandel flavors are hallmarks of this world-renowned growing region."

2) Optima Dry Creek Valley Sonoma Unfiltered Petite Sirah 2006

"Optima Petite Sirah is produced from fruit grown in Sonoma County's Dry Creek Valley. Traditionally used in blending for its dense body and dark color, rich blackberry aromas, and ripe fruit flavors by careful aging in small French Oak barrels."

3) Optima Alexander Valley California Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

"From Sonoma, a new philosophy in Winemaking. A unique blend of traditional Bordeaux varieties, and some untraditional. Produced from select vineyards in Alexander Valley and aged 2 months in French oak barrels to create a wine of unparalleled quality and complexity, with character to withstand years of aging."

4) Optima Dry Creek Valley Sonoma Zinfandel Port 2005

"Do not settle for fakes! This port was produced from Zinfandel grapes left to luxuriate on the vine in the warm Sonoma COunty sunshine for an additional four weeks after our normal Zinfandel harvest, allowing its flavors to concentrate; then aged in small French oak barrels for 12 months. The result is an incredibly rich and complex dessert wine brimming with deep Zinfandel flavors. Play it safe, get one for him and one for her."

Very special thank you to Nicol, Mike, and the rest of the folks from Optima Winery for their kindness, support, and willingness to share a glass of their wine for the rest of the world to enjoy.

(Read more wine reviews and info at The Wine Whore)
Photo of Mike and Nicol courtesy of Optima Winery

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jFLASHj said...

I hope the Petite Syray wins. It is one of my favorite Fatty Tuna Wines. Toro preferered. Raw of course! Then again the Port with a good Cuban Cigar. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

The Wine Whore said...

I have been dying to try that port with a good cigar!! :)

kelsy martin said...

petite sirah all the way!! personal favorite :)

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