Wise Wine Review:
Benziger Family Sonoma County Merlot 2005

Cost Score = 9/10 Points
Taste Score = 8/10 Points
Overall Score = 8.5/10 Points (Additional stats below)

Benziger Merlot Label
This week's Wise Wine of the Week is a relatively easy to find Merlot from Benziger. Not only is this a great value wine, but it also goes magically well with the food pairing described below.

Try it out and you'll be amazed!

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Vintage Info:
�What began as a heartbreakingly difficult growing season with a cold, wet spring and periodic rains throughout the summer, would become one of Sonoma�s most surprising standout vintages. As harvest approached, we knew that a single rainy day could cost us the vintage. But instead of rain, we got a miracle: 30-plus days of perfect Indian summer. What�s more, the grapes continued to gain weight late in the year, which slowed and lengthened the ripening process. We picked the last grapes on November 11�the latest ever for us in Sonoma. A truly exceptional harvest, 2005 saw both exquisite quality and superb yields." �Benziger Family Winery

Recommended Food Pairing:
The best way to enjoy this wine is with a pecan topped with your favorite sharp white cheese. Hold a sip of this Merlot in your mouth, pop in the cheese topped pecan and enjoy!

The mix of flavors is magical... in my opinion, this is the best way to enjoy a Merlot.

Producer: Benziger Family
Vintage: 2005
Varietal: Merlot
Appellation: Sonoma County
Residual Sugar: N/A
TA: .58
pH: 3.63
Production: N/A
Alcohol %: 13.5
Aging: American oak, 35% new barrels, for 14 months
Cost: ~$19

Wine Whore Score:

Benziger Merlot Whore Score
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My Tasting Notes: Wonderfully delicious! Good fruit... full of flavor with a dry structured finish to support it.

Selling for less than $20 per bottle, this wine scores a 9 for cost and an 8.5 for enjoyability. Topping off the ratings with a highly regarded 8 for taste earns a total score of 34 out of 40 points and an average score of 8.5 out of 10 points.

Get yourself some pecans and go nuts with this magical Merlot! :)

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jFLASHj said...

I am gonna look for this one. Thanx for the tip.

joeshico said...

Just started getting hooked on Merlot. This is
another one I will have to watch out for. The Wine Whore hasn't steered my wrong yet! Thanks

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