Friday French Toast

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Fun Friday Wine Fact:

Hip hip hooray! Artists celebrating at Skagen by Danish painter P.S. Kr�yer, 1888

How many different ways can you name for making a toast?

French �.. �A votre sante!�
Italian ��... � Alla Salute!�
British��� �Cheers!�
Hungarian�. �Eg� sz� g� re!�
Japanese�� �Kanpai!�
Polish��� �Na Zdrowie!�
Russian��. �Za vashe zdorovye!�
Greek��� �Yasas!�
Chinese�� �Wen Lie!�
Irish���.. �Slainte!�
Swedish�� �Skal!�
Brazilian�.. �Sa�de!�
Spanish�� �Salud!�
German�� �Prosit!�
Zulu(Africa). �Ooogy Wawa!�

If you are like many people, the thought of having to make a speech in a large group or formal situation makes your palms nervously sweat with anticipation.

Worry no more...

I recently came across an article in the St. Louis Wine Examiner by Debbie Stertz which offered some useful words of advice on how to reduce stress when faced with "Giving a Toast". Just a bit of preparation will increase your confidence for this festive formality so when your turn comes to be the host, it won't be so difficult.

When it comes to giving a toast, there is one fundamental rule to remember...

The purpose of a toast is to demonstrate respect and honor. With this in mind, you can not go wrong (unless of corse, you open a corked bottle of wine).

The next time you are faced with this challenge, instead of getting nervous just remember to speak from the heart, raise your glass, and create a moment to cherish for the rest of your life.

There is no better way to celebrate life, and living than sharing a toast with those we love.

Be sure to also check out last week's Wine Fact.

Also, very special thank you to Debbie for sharing her story and love for wine for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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jFLASHj said...

Or just do what I did. When My godson became property of the US Army. I got to practice my saber Technique on a bottle of Korbel Sparkling Wine. Yeah it was the cheap stuff but the good stuff we drank after. I made a speach I hacked off the end of that bottle perfectly without a drop of Wine spilling. PERFECTION

Tony said...

Wanted to add to the toast.. English-Cheers

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