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WWW Winner:

Enjoying a whiff of my fond memories

The opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, family, and those we love is the most rewarding part of drinking wine. My fondest memories consist of sitting around the dinner table enjoying a bountiful meal, overflowing with laughter while clutching a generously filled glass of wine.

Our floating hotel

Last week, new fond wine memories were born. A weekend cruise getaway amongst friends was a welcome cure to the overwhelming daily grind. Albeit a short voyage in duration, the trip was abundant with memories that will survive a lifetime.

Being the Wine Whore, I anxiously awaited one specific part of my daily routine while at sea. Each night of our trip brought the opportunity to order and share over dinner a special bottle from my personal wine wish list. This nightly routine made the trip unforgetable. The world with all of its mundane worries seemed to melt away as we enjoyed each other's company over a good bottle of wine.

This week�s Wine Whore Photo Winner comes from an attendee of this memorable excursion. After partaking in the wine that graced our table he couldn�t wait to share his tasting notes.

Todd, what were your thoughts on the wines we enjoyed....

Caymus Special Selection Cabernet 2005 - "Oh yeah. Oh, oh yeah. Was good, but underwhelming at the beginning, but an hour after opening the bottle, the wine really opened up and became the most complex cab I've ever tasted. Very, very rich. Best cabernet by far I've ever put in my mouth. Had all the good characteristics of every cab I've ever had, and then some."

Mondavi/Rothschild Opus One Napa Valley Meritage 2003- "Surprisingly drinkable. Again, a bit too smooth upon opening, but it grew and grew over the span of an hour or two. We didn�t have a decanter and I kept trying to get my buddy to decant it into the flower vase but he wouldn't. Definitely not as "cabby" a wine. More drinkable, lighter at the beginning but grew and grew and grew. I'd love to taste it again after decanting."

Belle Glos Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir (2007 I think?)- "Ok. Was the last wine we had and was far outshined by the other two, but was a fraction of the price as well."

"Both the Opus One and the Caymus could've used a vigorous decanting, and we were hampered by incorrect stemware (Wrong glass, sir...) but I can definitely say I've had two of the best wines I'll ever drink now, and that's something. I didn't have to pay for them either, and that's definitely something. Also, food pairings were a struggle as well, as the food wasn't the best. I had lamb shank with the Pinot, as well as oxtail broth, and it was good. Onion soup with the Caymus was also good, but the bearnaise on the strip steak was easily overpowered. The Opus One was served with beef filet and manhandled it roughly. I would have enjoyed some stinky cheese or dark chocolate immensely." -Todd aka 'The Wine Mooch'

Thank you Todd for sharing our story and love for great wine!

To all of my other 'Wine Whore' friends, don't forget to send in your pictures to be included in next week's post!

Randy Watson (a.k.a 'The Wine Whore')

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Shelly said...

Ah. That explains why you were missing. Sounds like a wonderful time. The dinners are always amazing and a great way to meet new friends. The wine doesn't sound that bad either:)

joeshico said...

I am now decanting any full bodied wines, no matter what vintage it may be. You would think at my age this is something I should have been doing for the past 25 years. Just proves you are never too old to learn.

Kort said...

In my busy life I find I just don't have time to decant properly. I have been using the Vinturi Wine Aerator and have to say it does an admirable job of opening up a full bodied red.

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