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WWW Winner:

Thank you all for sending your awesome wine stories and pictures!

This week, I decided to choose an artistic theme to celebrate Wine Whore Wednesday.

After all, wine is art...

Like an artist with a paintbrush, winemakers craft their vision using grapes as their medium. The unique taste and label acts as their signature proudly adorning the glass bottle frame. The result of their passion is an interpretation of beauty. Its purpose is solely for other wine lovers to taste, enjoy, and learn from their work.

This week's winner:

CORKED by Robert Ives

This week's winner features a vino backstory that touched my heart. Robert, please share with us your story behind this intriguing painting...

"Corked was the fifth painting from my Working For A Living series. A rather satirical look into the roles we place ourselves in.

When I first started making wine, with my kit all set up in the basement where I was living, I had no idea as to what I was doing. I was with a wonderful woman at the time, Donna, who also thought it would be fun to try and make wine. We got everything set up and followed the schedual accordingly. I had an art show to do in Ottawa at time for de-gassing, so Donna came over several times to take care of that while I was away.

Soon it was time to bottle, so we grabbed a couple of glasses for tasting and headed down to get to work. The wine was amazing! A nice Valpolicella. We bottled and drank, drank and bottled, right down to the dregs. Needless to say, we were "corked" by then and lo', it was time to actually cork the wine.

Now a wine corker is a fairly simple machine, place the bottle, place the cork, pull the handle. The hard part is setting the depth, which would be fine if our depth perception was on. Too high, too deep, not deep enough... until finally, we got it just right. We laughed the entire time and really enjoyed our first attempt. I think we may have a few of the "Dredge" bottles left, which we termed Sleepy Time Wine, as one glass and you are OUT!

Soon after I painted Corked to commemorate the event. We've made a few batches since then, but sadly, we are no longer together. Though the kit is still in use today, as she is making a batch of Blush with it.

That painting takes me back to those times and makes me smile.

Thanks for enjoying CORKED."
-Robert Ives

Be sure to check out more great artwork from Robert at: http://ivesart.blogspot.com/

This week's runner up:

This submission features an onimous yet beautiful infrared grape vine shot. While photographing these Muscadine Vines, Kort enjoyed some delicious Contry Red wine from Henscratch Farms.

This submission not only showcases an artistic view of the grape, but also incorporates a theme close to my heart: The opportunity to enjoy some great wine while doing something you love...

Life just doesn't get any better!

Kort Kramer is a photographer, web designer, graphic artist and creator of the photographs & fantasy and sci-fi images. Be sure to check all of his other awesome creations at http://www.kramerkreations.com.

Thank you Robert and Kort and everyone else who participated for sharing your story, amazing photographs, and love for great wine!

To all of my other 'Wine Whore' friends, don't forget to send in your pictures to be included in next week's post!

Randy Watson (a.k.a 'The Wine Whore')

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jFLASHj said...

I love that first photo!
pretty kool

Kort said...

Thanks for the feature Randy! :)

Shelly said...

How fun. I want to make wine. My FIL has muscadine and scuppernog grapes...Hmmm. Anyway, it sounds like Robert is missing Donna, any chance for a reunion?

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