Wise Wine Review:
Asunto de Vino Central Valley Chile Sauvignon Blanc 2008

Cost Score = 9/10 Points
Taste Score = 8.5/10 Points
Enjoyability Score = 9/10 Points (Additional stats below)

Asunto De Vino�s Sauvignon Blanc, named for the Latin phrase for "an affair with wine,� offers an affair every wine lover can proudly enjoy.

In the glass it shines like the sun proudly presenting its golden yellow luminescence. One whiff reveals a bouquet of sweet pink grapefruit. Its tropical olfactory tune conjures blissful memories of my Anniversary vacation in Jamaica.

I can almost hear the steel drums ringing.

This full and fruity Sauvignon Blanc balances its way across the tongue fading slowly with a clean dry finish. A final tangy goodbye kiss remains as a souvenir after every taste of this delightfully refreshing summer wine.

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Vintage Info:
�Expressive and aromatic on the nose with herbaceous overtones and something of tropical and citrus fruit. In the mouth the herbaceous dominates, it has a balanced acidity and is rich and silky, of medium body and good persistence. An easy drinking wine designed for immediate enjoyment and will also age for several years." �Asunto De Vino

Affair with the Wine Whore

Recommended Food Pairing:
Winery's Suggestion- "This crisp fresh dry wine can be drunk on its own or enjoyed with most seafood, or light dishes."

My Suggestion- After a tiresome shift of the daily grind, I tasted this wine alongside a casual but juicy BBQ chicken complimented by sides of coleslaw and macaroni salad. This Sauvignon Blanc requires no blanket of food to disguise its palate. Enjoy with a light entr�e or nothing at all so you can experience this wine without any distractions.

You'll want to solely savor every drop.

Producer: Asunto de Vino
Vintage: 2008
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Appellation: Central Valley Chile
Residual Sugar: N/A
pH: N/A
Production: N/A
Alcohol %: 13.0
Aging: N/A
Cost: ~$10

Wine Whore Score:

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With a price tag around $10 per bottle, this wine scores an impressive 9 for both cost AND enjoyability. Topping off the ratings with a highly regarded 8.5 for taste earns this affair a total score of 33.5 out of 40 points and an average score of 8.4 out of 10 points.

For the price, you can�t beat the quality and enjoyability of this Sauvignon Blanc. This summer, have an affair with the tropical palate of Asunto De Vino and escape on your own Jamaican journey to paradise.

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Shelly said...

Okay. So with the bad press I was reading today about Chardonnay, maybe I'll try this?!

Kort said...

Paradise, here I come!

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