Wise Wine Review:
Taste Score = 9/10 Points
Cost Score = 9/10 Points
Enjoyability Score = 9/10 Points
(Additional stats below)

Technology, efficiency, and delivery, allows X Winery to uncover what seems to be a metaphorical buried treasure. Employing innovative and often overlooked techniques from vine to consumer, this winery effectively maximizes quality while minimizing cost.

The Goal: Satisfy both the consumer and winery�s needs at the same time.

The Result: Success! Cost effective wines that offer a high degree of quality and enjoyment.

Vintage Info:
�2007 was one of the better vintages in recent history. There was a lighter crop and yields were down from the past few years, but quality was extremely good. Berry size was small and the fruit developed intense varietal flavors with rich, mouth filling tannins.

Lake County lies north of Napa Valley and east of Sonoma County. The earliest vines were planted after the Civil War. Today, it has become one of the most highly acclaimed growing areas in Northern California. What make�s Lake County so unique is its terroir and the largest natural fresh body of in the state of California - Clear Lake. This large lake acts almost as a natural temperature control allowing grapes to ripen at optimal levels." -X Winery

Recommended Food Pairing:
Winery�s Reccomendation- �This versatile wine plays well with a brown bag lunch, a romantic dinner, or just about anything in between.�

My Reccomendation- I tasted this tangy white wine with some spicy mexican food. I have a terrible habbit of burning down my sinuses through copious amounts of kickin' hot sauce and wasabi. This cooling Sauvignon Blanc refreshed the burn and complemented the acidity of my addiction to spice.

Producer: X Winery
Vintage: 2007
Varietal: 100% Musque Clone Sauvignon Blanc
Appellation: Lake County ES Vineyard
Residual Sugar: <1 g/L
pH: 3.37
Production: 784 cases
Alcohol %: 13.4
Aging: 3 months in stainless steel drums.

Wine Whore Score:

The scores on this wine speak for themselves. Loads of elegant grapefruit, citrus, and even a hint of banana maintain a crisp entry, full bodied mid-palate, and tangy prolonged finish. The wonderful fruit, mouthfeel, and transition scores this Sauvignon Blanc a 9 for taste, cost AND enjoyability giving it a total score of 34 out of 40 points and an average score of 8.5 out of 10 points. For a wine to receive high marks for all three of these categories is a major accomplishment. Low cost wine that doesn�t sacrifice taste and enjoyability is hard to discover. X Winery deserves praise for hitting the mark with their Sauvignon Blanc.

Check out the complete explanation of how X Winery solves for the �Derivative of X�.

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Johanna Fischlin said...

A very informative and descriptive article. I especially like the food pairings.

Susan said...

Very informative, I like this. I don't live far might have to take a dive tomorrow.

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