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There is nothing better in life than enjoying food and wine while making a difference. I was privileged to have the chance to join hundreds of others last Friday night at the Celebration Exotic Car Festival. Already in its sixth year, the annual non-profit event has raised over $500,000 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Although it is still to early to tell, this year�s event expects to raise $200,000 which is enough to grant wishes for about 30 terminally ill children. After attending, I can succinctly sum it up in one word: awesome.

The highlights of the evening included:

A parking lot more magnificent than even Enzo could have ever dreamt. The place was filled with more Ferraris than I have ever seen grace the road over the course of my whole life, let alone in a single place at the same time.

Ferraris weren�t the only ponies at the corral. All kinds of other exotic cars were proudly flaunted including the Delorian from Back to the Future and the General Lee.

Before the sun went down, the sky was illuminated by awesome stunt planes performing choreographed tricks showing off their fine tuned skills. Among the pack were the infamous Blue Angels which gracefully soared through the clouds leaving only a trail of smoke in its path.

The walls of the hanger were lined with tables presenting a sea of wine bottles just waiting to be poured� a Wine Whore's dream. My favorite of the evening was the Belle Glos Pinot Noir. This amethyst nectar is by far one of the best Pinot Noirs I have ever tasted. Part of the Charles, Chuck, and Charlies family tree, this wine is packed with tight elegant fruit supported by adequate ample acidic structure.

There was also a ton of great food to sample and snack on. Having almost as much of a sweet tooth as a purple tooth, I was pleasantly satisfied by the plentiful food and treats there to be enjoyed. The best part of the entire event is that all of the vendors donated 100% of this to the event so none of the ticket cost was lost to cover the expense.

In addition to the food and wine, there was plentiful �people watching� to enjoy. Everyone from Star Wars Storm Troopers to Gilbert Gottfried was in attendance and they were probably the least interesting people to bump into. When you weren�t making new friends, the fashion show provided a feast for the eyes as a wide array of designs were paraded on the center stage.

I would like to thank all of the compassionate vendors for donating their time and materials to this commendable charity. Also, thank you to Dawn from Cooking with a Whineaux and her husband Bill for their kindness, support, and willingness to share a glass of wine for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Check out the complete list of vendors and sponsors here.

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