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WWW Winner:

The best part of being The Wine Whore is meeting other people that enjoy life, living, and the pursuit of wine. This week, I hand the microphone off to one such wine lover who enjoyed an ABC Wine Tasting last week that unfortunately I was unable to attend.

Shay, why don't you tell everyone all about it?

"While I�m not a big fan of most of the Coppola wines (they seem a bit overrated to me), I really enjoyed the Sofia Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine. (It�s the one in cellowrap in the Coppola photo.) I�m tired of all the brut-style champagnes/sparkling wines that are so prevalent these days; this one was a refreshing change of pace.

I was also very impressed with the Sauvignon Republic wines I tried at the last couple of ABC tastings. I loved (and bought) the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at the last Brandon tasting, and really enjoyed the Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc I tried this time.

I�ve attached two photos; one of Don (sorry; didn�t catch his last name) holding a bottle of the Russian River Valley, and another of the bottle displayed next to some of the other wines he was sampling. The Hess was also quite nice, but the Sauvignon Republic one was more flavorful.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc at one of the tables. I�ve had it before, and I agree with your friend Britt that it is indeed �a stunning wine.� Very drinkable. The Seven Daughters white blend was quite interesting, but not one of my favorites. (I tend to gravitate toward Rieslings, Gewurztraminers, Sauvignon Blancs, and Moscatos.)

One of the last tables I tried featured a variety Peter Brum white wines from Germany � just my speed! They were all lovely, but my favorite was the Piesporter Michelsberg. Of course, I had to bring a bottle home with me."

Thank you Shay for sharing your story, amazing photographs, and love for great wine!

To all of my other 'Wine Whore' friends, don't forget to send in your pictures to be included in next week's post!


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AussieWines said...

Hiya @aussiewines here! just wondering if you could give us some concept of the tastes that you got from wines, not just a yes and no .. don't mean to be difficult!
Having a bit of an explanation over their elements .. soft, light, firm or fullbodied would be very interesting!

shay said...

Thanks for your kind words, Randy! :)

AussieWines: I was afraid the true wine connoisseurs would call me out on my less-than-detailed "review"...! While I am a white wine enthusiast, I'm not a true oenophile, and I confess to being somewhat intimidated by the wine aficionado's lexicon.

But if you insist, here's my (amateur) take on the wines I tasted:

Sofia Blanc de Blancs - Bright, crisp, firm, and refreshing. Lovely aromas; think orchard fruits (peach, apple, pear) with floral hints.

Sauvignon Republic Russian River Valley - Crisp, rich, fruity (pineapple/grapefruit/lemon), and grassy. The Marlborough is vibrant and citrusy, with a pleasant minerality. I love these wines; they really show how the terroir impacts the taste of this varietal. (I look forward to trying their South African wine...)

Hess Sauvignon Blanc - Crisp, citrusy, and acidic. Nice, but more subtle than the Sauvignon Republic wines.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc - Fruity, herbaceous, crisp, and complex. It has a pronounced grapefruit/passionfruit aroma/flavor. Nice acidity. A refreshing wine for summertime drinking...

Seven Daughters White - This blend has some of my favorite varietals (Riesling, Gewurztramier, Muscat, and Sauvignon Blanc), so I thought I would really enjoy it. But while I found this wine interesting, I think the chardonnay gave it a little too much body/dryness for my taste. (Sorry, but the only chardonnay I've ever liked is Giani...and that's only because it tastes
nothing like a traditional chardonnay.)

Peter Brum Piesporter Michelsberg - I like all of the Peter Brum white wines; they're exactly what you'd expect of a traditional German Riesling/Riesling-blend. This one was smooth, fruity, crisp, and a bit sweet (but not overly so). Very drinkable. A good German Riesling is my default wine for parties and restaurants, because just about everyone (unless they only drink reds) can enjoy it.

So, there you go...!

Regards, shay
@escriteur on twitter

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