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Taste Score = 9.5/10 Points
Enjoyability Score = 9.5/10 Points
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Nothing reminds us more of the importance of family than the loss of a beloved member. As I popped the cork on this bottle of wine, my anxious smile turned awry as the terrible news of such a loss to my family tolled against the delicate membrane of my eardrums. Distraught, I morosely gazed at the opened bottle of wine entranced by the thought of losing a kin.

As if almost a distraction to the pain, my mind wandered to the story of three generations nestled in a particular vineyard from the famous Napa Valley. I pictured them struggling to produce grapes and wine since 1932 in the historic 26 acre St. Helena vineyard. After persevering through 76 harvests they created the very bottle of wine I was about to drink.

While loss in life brings sadness, there is still much greater delight. Like the combination of aggravatingly rich and complex soil, hardship creates life sweet with emotion and bursting of rich history. The culmination of which in a great bottle of this Salvestrin Family Cabernet, like the passing of a loved one, will not easily be forgotten.

Vintage Info:
Our 2005 Cabernet tempts the senses with decadent, dark ripe fruit, dark chocolate and hints of toasty oak and spice. A seamless transition leads to a full rich mouth feel with ripe fruit flavors. The balanced structure definitely stands up to its bold introduction and elegantly coats the palate. Blackberry, chocolate and spice come back for an encore finish that lingers and entices. This wine drinks well now, and has the structure to age for years to come.  -Salvestrin

Recommended Food Pairing:
I enjoyed this wine with a 1.5" thick porterhouse which sat beside a bed of steak fries and a verdant pile of green beans. In my opinion, there is no better combination than a great steak to pay homage to the dominating characteristics of a bold, full bodied Cabernet.

Producer: Salvestrin
Vintage: 2005
Varietal: 97% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Merlot
Appellation: Salvestrin Estate Vineyard St. Helena, Napa Valley
Residual Sugar: N/A
pH: N/A
Production: 1925 cases
Alcohol %: 14.8
Aging: 23 months in 50% New Oak - French (75%), American (20%), and Hungarian (5%)

Wine Whore Score:

With its grand palate of long firm tannins culminating in a complex tangy finish, this wine is an enjoyable example of the complexity of a good quality Cabernet. One note of caution: Allow this wine to breathe in order to reveal all of its beautiful personality. Allowing this wine to properly open up reveals its full and gripping taste which steadily transitions balanced throughout its visit.

The balance between alcohol and fruit stubbornly fades away with a long and dramatic finish that makes this wine a wonderful experience scoring 9.5 for taste and enjoyability. While there are many great Cabernets out there and choosing one�s favorite solely depends on personal taste, I rate this particular interpretation a total of 33 out of 40 points and an average score of 8.3 out of 10 points. Overall, this wine scores as strong as its bold taste and like the legacy of lost kin, this particular wine is memorable to all who enjoy its presence.

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Anonymous said...

Dear WW: I really liked your blog re: wines I would recommend that you list the retail price in your evaluations. . .at $15.00 I would be convinced to try this. . .at $ 150.00 I would not. Keep up the good work. . .I found your link on "Wine at Five". Martin Herstein

Shelly said...

Thanks Dad for checking out this great blog!!!
Thanks Randy, for the kind words. (I explained the breakdown to him:))

The Wine Whore said...

Ah, ok! It is especially nice to meet you, Martin! :) Thank you both for the wonderful comments.

P.S. Reading "Wine at Five" has become an axiously anticipated part of my daily routine.

Kort said...

I have to agree with Martin. Judging by your score, this is about a $50/bottle wine? While the score is great for your chart there, it would be nice to have a quick reference number in the review somewhere (perhaps in stats) so that people with terrible memories like me don't have to go compare it with your breakdown list. ;)
That said, great review.

The Wine Whore said...

Good point! Although costs can vary greatly, I do see how some sort of reference or range would be helpful. I'll make sure to incorporate this suggestion in my next review... thank you all for your support and great feedback!


Kort said...

I see you did incorporate the cost...thanks! :)

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