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It takes a family with pride to create such a small lot of wine considered �simple yet careful.� This pride embraces their viticulture and winemaking with a personal touch that literally extends to every bottle born from these practices.

Don�t be surprised by the simplicity of this vineyard, the wines are complex and in a word, amazing. Today I have the chance to share a glass of wine with the family that dedicates their talent to the wine they produce. I am excited to taste the following acclaimed selections from the Matthiasson family winery:

Matthiasson Napa Valley Red Wine 2005
Matthiasson Napa Valley White Wine 2007

The white wine from Mattiasson is an intriguing blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Ribolla Gialla, and Semillon creating a �new-world conception of a mythical ideal old-world wine�. The red consists of 40 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 60 percent Merlot.

You'll want to stay tuned for winery and wine reviews of these selections!

Also, thank you to Jill and the Matthiasson family for their kindness, support, and willingness to share a glass of their wine for the rest of the world to enjoy.

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