Wise Wine Review:
Graffigna Centenario San Juan Argentina Malbec 2006

Cost Score = 9/10 Points
Taste Score = 8/10 Points (Additional stats below)

Vintage Info:
�Deep red with purplish nuances. A very complex bouquet, with a reminiscence of very ripe blackberries and the appearance of black pepper. Presents smooth, ripe and well integrated tannins. Rounded and velvety. Its finish is complex, with notes of coffee, vanilla and toasted." �Graffigna Centenario

Recommended Food Pairing:
Winery�s Reccomendation- �Ideal match for barbecues, all types of food with pepper and onion based sauces.
-Lamb ossobuco, hot spicy pumpkin risotto and malbec reduction
- Stuffed fowl breast, potato, leek and bacon puree, red grape sauce�

My Reccomendation- I challenged this fruity but dry Malbec by tasting it alongside spicy Mexican food. The warm fruit held up well to the spicey fire and its dry acidity successfully cooled and refreshed the surface of my scorched tongue. Malbec has so much wonderful character, I usually prefer to enjoy it alone. Solitude is the best way to get to know the wine without any competition for the taste buds.

Producer: Graffigna Centenario
Vintage: 2006
Varietal: 100% Malbec
Appellation: Pedernal Valley - San Juan, Argentina
Residual Sugar: 3.20 grs/lt
pH: 3.6
Production: N/A
Alcohol %: 14
Aging: 50 % in oak (50% in French oak and 50% in American oak) for 12 months.

Wine Whore Score:

This deep ruby red Malbec is proudly tinted by the characteristic hints of inky purple that distinguish it from other grapes. Personally, I love Malbec because its exceptionally full, fruity, and unique bouquet. This particular one is no exception. Allow it to breathe and you will be lavishly rewarded as you bathe in its aroma. Each breath of seductive vapors reveals a new discovery.

Nice and dry but very enjoyable, this Malbec holds its burly fruit and gravel taste together by means of liberal amounts of acidity. Overall, this is a respectable example of the grape. With a price tag around $10/bottle, this Malbec scores a 9 for cost and a highly regarded 8 for taste and 8.5 for enjoyability giving it a total score of 33.5 out of 40 points and an average score of 8.4out of 10 points.

If you are looking for an inexpensive example of Argentina�s most popular grape, this Malbec is for you. Easy to find, great tasting, and enjoyable, Graffigna�s Melbec easily earns the title of Wise Wine of the Week.

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alexsommelier said...

you should try the Pinot Grigio Graffigna Centenario, really good.

I like grafigna malbec, but if I have to choose, I better go with a Malbec from Mendoza, like Dominicano de Barrancas for example.

In Argentina, San Juan is more Syrah zone, although the Grand Reserve Malbec is very good, but we are talking about an other range.

definitely you should try Graffigna 135� Aniversario, it�s a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Syrah, an amazing wine

Shelly said...

You know I love a Malbec and I have yet to see this one. Want to share? Or should I keep looking? Try the Mar Del Sur...Oh, can't find it? Maybe we could swap?


The Wine Whore said...

That is a great idea! I never did find the Mar Del Sur... lemme make sure I can find this one locally and you have a deal! :)

The Wino said...

I love a good Malbec! Norton has a good one also Zolo. I totaly agree about getting to know a wine with out food. I like food and I like wine, but sometimes they should go their seperate ways. I look forward to trying this Malbec!

The Wine Whore said...

It is always great to see how many people LOVE a good Malbec. It really does have a great following.

Thank you all for the great suggestions! I will keep an eye out for them for future reviews... stay tuned! :)

joeshico said...

I never tried Malbecs until this year and am slowly falling in love with them. I mentioned in some other comments that I believe that Malbecs will be, if not already, the new fad wine, much like Syrahs of the past 10 years and Chianti before that. Have tried over a dozen so far and have yet to be disappointed.

Kort said...

"Solitude is the best way to get to know the wine without any competition for the taste buds." Couldn't agree more, though if you find the right pairing, heaven awaits. I'm a Malbec fan too, and will track this one down!

Shelly said...

Ooh. I love Norton and will have to look for that. Another Great one by Norton is Horton (seriously)It's one of my all time favs. I can usually find that pretty easy at the grocery store since it's made here in Va. I'd like to see your review of that!

Wine Much said...

I saw your article in the Tampa Tribune and stopped by to check out your reviews. Good stuff- happy tasting!

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