Wine Whore Review:
Abacela Southern Oregon Estate Tempranillo 2006

Taste Score = 9/10 Points
Enjoyability Score = 9/10 Points (Additional stats below)

The foundation for a successful wine relies on one key factor: location.

For every great wine, there is a combination of climate and terrier that combine to make extraordinary example of the varietal. The optimal location of which is entirely determined by the grape that will call it home.

One couple, after deciding to produce fine wines similar to those produced in Spain's Rioja and Ribera Del Duero regions, set out to find the perfect landscape in America. The challenge: finding a location capable of producing �wines that are a statement of the harmony between the grape variety and its terroir.�

Realizing the importance of
climate early on, Earl and Hilda Jones sought out a location that best mimicked the native region of the Tempranillo grape. The ideal climate for this foreign grape requires a cool spring, dry-hot summer and a cool early autumn. After much research, the couple discovered one particular area in Southern Oregon which presented the ideal location for production of fine Tempranillo.

With the right location picked out, the groundwork was set. The next step for Earl and Hilda was to guarantee that the ideally fashioned grapes were handled appropriately. They accomplished this through their minimal handling wine making philosophy. This philosophy incorporates optimally ripe hand picked estate fruit gently fermented and processed in a gravity flow winery to preserve quality. The quality is then matured through additional prolonged cellaring in small oak casks further enhances flavor and stabilizes the wines.

With the right location and proven techniques, a name for the product of their love was the final factor left to be determined. Based off of the word 'abacelar' which means "to plant a grape vine,� Abecela Wine and a legacy of great Spanish wines from America, was born.

Vintage Info:
"The 2006 vintage, the tenth release of our signature Tempranillo, is deeply colored and powerfully structured with intense aromas and flavors of ripe black fruits, savory spice, cassis, and smoke.

Experience suggests this wine will age easily for five to seven years and offer a long plateau of maturity. If patience fails aeration is recommended." -Abacela

Recommended Food Pairing:
Winery�s Recommendation - �We also suggest saffron and pimenton dusted lamb with ch�vre and sun dried tomato-stuffed peppers.�

My Recommendation � I tasted this brilliant example of native Spanish wine with a pork roast, roasted potatoes, and mixed veggies. You can afford to be creative with this flexible, full bodied wine. The complexity is also hearty enough to knock out the kick of spicy meats and peppery foods.

Producer: Abacela Winery
Vintage: 2006
Varietal: Tempranillo
Appellation: Southern Oregon
Residual Sugar: nil
TA: 6.94 grams/liter
pH: 3.76
Production: 1035 cases
Alcohol %: 13.5
Aging: French (88%), American (12%) 11% new, 26% 2-yr old

Wine Whore Score:

Abacela is by far one of the best examples of Tempranillo I have tasted so far. I especially enjoy how this bright, deep, ruby cherry wine unwaveringly tastes brilliant until the last drop is emptied.

The nose is smeared with smoky leather rubbed in dirt, made tart with a cranberry kick and topped with a cherry for sweetness. In the mouth, this wine does not fizzle out in disappointment. The long consistent finish of this full, fruity, dry yet balanced wine confirms its scores of 9 for both taste and enjoyability.

It is pleasantly surprising to discover this prime example miles from its traditionally native home. With a reputable total score of 32 out of 40 points and an average score of 8 out of 10 points, this dry wine complexly filled with bold fruit, tannin and acid is capable of aging with grace and gracefully accompanying an assortment of delicious foods.

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Hilda Jones said...

Thanks for the reat review but a correction needs to be made- the Residual sugar is nil and the TA is 6.94 grams/liter

The Wine Whore said...

Thank you for stopping by Hilda!

I really enjoyed this wine and the story behind what makes it so special. I have updated the stats to reflect this correction.

Thank you again for sharing a glass of wine for the rest of the world to enjoy!


Kort said...

Sounds wonderful, love your description.
Price range would be nice to know too though.
I looked and saw it offered in the mid $30s.

Craig Justice said...

This is very cool. Thanks for the info. We also selected Tempranillo vines for our location in Southern California (San Diego). We're on third leaf. The Tempranillo (from Novavines) are on 110R root stock, on a steep, clay slope (no top soil). We have watered 3 times this year, which may have been 3 times too much, as they are showing much vigor! We're going to cut back the water (and monitor closely) from now on, as the grapes have set. We will attemp to make wine this year. A friend in Alpine, CA (not far from here), made Tempranillo from 3rd leaf wines that was an awardwinner (I tasted and loved). Appreciate any advice. Cheers! Craig Justice, Blue-Merle Vineyard

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