It's ALL in the Bag?

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Want to help the environment?

If everyone in the US sent one less holiday card, we would save over 50,000 cubic yards of paper. Although it may be unreasonable to ask the world to stop sending much loved holiday cards, an acceptable and fun alternative to wasteful wine bags and the immediately discarded wrapping paper greeted me as I opened my mailbox just the other day.

Popptags are a fun and clever way to gift a bottle of wine with one of several witty messages. Want something unique? These clever little tags can be printed to say anything you can think up.

Before you resort to using another boring wine bag, order some of these tags and do your part to conserve wasted paper while giving the gift of wine (and even a laugh) at the same time.

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Sasha said...

How about if we received a third less advertisements? Or if silly Qwest stopped sending me the damn yellow pages? Come on Qwest, we have a little thing called the internet - get with it.

Having ranted real quick...those popptags are kinda cute, but take a good amount of forethought. Haveto order tags, order bottles, and then resend them.

Shelly said...

I have several wine bags that I always mean to reuse when giving wine to others...but I never remember. I also like some of the wine labels at cerebralitch.com

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