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You may remember my S.O.S. last week for fellow wine lovers to help me win some free wine. Well, after many great suggestions I chose 3 bottles, each costing between $6 and $18 before tax and prepared my palate for the contest.

A grand showing turned out for the event and everyone enjoyed an abundance of delicious wine, warm company, savory cheese, and fun appetizers.

The following wine selections were secretly brought, enveloped in tin foil to conceal their labels and blindly tasted one by one:

Red Wine:

White Wine:

At the conclusion of the evening, two unanimous winners emerged from the crowd. A previous Wise Wine of the Week pick, Hope Estate 'The Ripper' Western Australia Shiraz 2006 won for the reds. For the whites, Smoking Loon California Chardonnay 2006 reined champion.

Unfortunately, since I brought neither of these selections I was not victorious of the free wine. Despite the fact that I didn�t win, I did not go home empty handed. I left with new friends, a great story, and a smile on my face inspired by the delicious wine we shared. This was by far the best consolation prize I have ever won!

Special thank you to Hayes and his wife Gail for hosting this wonderful party and sharing a glass of wine for everyone to enjoy!

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Shelly said...

I've got to have one of those at my house. How fun! Sorry you didn't win, but if you had taken the root:1 like I suggested...

Joe (joeshico) said...

Sorry you did not win! As with most or all of the suggestions you received, we (the suggesters) can say too bad you did not take mine, but no one can argue with the wines that were brought, (except the Yellow Tail). Not a fan of that one.
What whites were involved?

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