Fortant French Merlot Kosher 2005

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Wine Whore Review:
Cost Score = 9/10 Points
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If you are like most people, the first (and only) name that comes to mind when you think of kosher wine is Manischewitz. Although this is arguably the most recognizable name of kosher wine, there are many others today that share this category of distinction. One such winery, Skalli Family Wines Americas produces high-quality mevushal kosher wines from selected soils in the South of France.

You may wonder why would anyone want to boil their wine? This is just one example of the strict kosher standards that still exist today. Since the 1980s, Skalli Family Wines Americas have worked closely in its own vineyards and with growers in the South of France to ensure that top quality and the strictest kosher standards are met at every stage of production from vine to bottle while also remaining committed to following a rigorous charter of ecological sustainability in the vineyard.

Thanks to their generosity, I have the opportunity to taste and review a bottle of Fortant Merlot produced by the Skalli Family for this edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday. Grab an empty glass, your favorite kosher dish, and get ready to share a glass of this holy Merlot with me.

Vintage Info:
�Fortant kosher wines are produced under the strict supervision of rabbinical authorities. They are also certified Yayin Mevushal (universally kosher), signifying the fermented wine has been flash pasteurized. The taste is not affected, and in fact this process helps stabilize the wine�s color, tannin and fruit. Mevushal signifies the wine can be poured by non-Jews and still remain kosher. Fortant�s winemaker has developed a specific style for his kosher line focusing on clear fruit and elegant notes making the wine easy to drink and eminently food friendly." -Fortant

Recommended Food Pairing:
Winery�s Recommendation - �Particularly suits white meats, grilled lamb and vegetable terrines. Delicious with chocolate and chocolate desserts.�

My Recommendation � This is a soft and food friendly wine. Stay away from dishes that may make the wine seem metallic. Chicken would pair best with this soft red wine. Fish and heavy red meats should be avoided.

Producer: Skalli Family Wines Americas
Vintage: 2005
Varietal: 100% Merlot
Appellation: South of France
Residual Sugar: N/A
pH: N/A
Production: N/A
Alcohol %: 13
Aging: N/A

Wine Whore Score:

Fortant�s winemaker is known for developing a specific style of kosher wine. This style is not intended to be full bodied, overpowering or capable of making your gums shrivel. Instead, this merlot focuses on elegance while remaining easy to drink and eminently food friendly.

On the nose, this bottle is packed with a great bouquet of fruit. I enjoyed inhaling the life emanating from my glass as my nose soaked in the aromas. The flavor is soft and quickly dissipates into a quiet finish with a hint of mineral and oak.

The affordable price tag of this shy, food friendly kosher wine awards it a high score of 9 for cost. Overall this Merlot scores a total of 29 out of 40 points and an average score of 7.3 out of 10 points. Unlike the overwhelmingly cloying sweetness of the well known Manischewitz alternative, the soft and delicate finish of this Merlot makes it a great option for a kosher wine everyone at the table can enjoy.

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